Partnership: Jiangmin Technology joins the PolySwarm ecosystem

January 24, 2019

PolySwarm announced today its partnership with Jiangmin Technology to further advance its ecosystem of quality malintent detection. Jiangmin will integrate its malware detection engine into the PolySwarm’s network.

Jiangmin Antivirus, developed by Jiangmin Security Lab, specializes in malicious files and documents scanning and is compatible with most hardware gateway devices, including NGFW (Next generation firewall), UTM (Unified threat management), and routers to detect malware and spyware on Windows/ Linux platforms. Mainstream security enterprises in the US, Japan, Spain, and Taiwan are leveraging the capabilities of Jiangmin Antivirus. In addition,most leading and professional Chinese firewall/ UTM providers have adopted Jiangmin’s Antivirus software and its malware signature database

“I am thrilled to see the partnership with PolySwarm. By joining this emerging security ecosystem, Jiangmin continuously enhances the collaboration with the international market to strengthen the influence on global security market. Becoming one of the leading information security software providers around the world is Jiangmin’s ultimate goal.”, said Nie YongChun, CEO of Jiangmin Technology.

With this partnership, PolySwarm continues to expand its open and crowdsourced ecosystem by onboarding new anti-malware engines, allowing them to generate passive income for accurately detecting threats and access a vast stream of malware samples to improve their products while providing broader, more accurate protection for consumers.

“We are very excited to have Jiangmin join the growing network of PolySwarm’s micro-engines,” said Steve Bassi, PolySwarm CEO. “As the number of powerful security engines in the PolySwarm network expands, so does the coverage against threats, ensuring enterprises are properly fortified against evolving malware.”

About Jiangmin Technology

Founded in 1996, Jiangmin is the first high-tech enterprise to develop anti-virus software in China and has been ever since a pioneer in software development in the country.

Jiangmin Technology actively participated in the network security work of major national projects, including the Beijing Olympic Games, the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the National People’s Congress, the APEC Conference, the G20 Summit, and the BRIC Summit, and so on. Jiangmin Technology is committed to building an information security ecosystem that integrates R&D, sales, consulting and service of network security products, and comprehensively guarantees the safe and stable operation of the key network infrastructure for our clients.