Partnership: Rising joins the PolySwarm ecosystem

February 14, 2018

PolySwarm announced today its partnership with Chinese-based antivirus leader Rising, helping to broaden the ecosystem of quality malware detection.

With Rising integrating its malware detection engine into the PolySwarm network, its next-gen AI, real-time response antivirus adds expertise and cutting-edge threat detection capability for marketplace customers. Not only does Rising aim to help grow PolySwarm, it’s also dedicated to providing more comprehensive security protection to potential victims of digital crime worldwide.

“We are happy to join this interesting adventure with PolySwarm, exploring an avenue of decentralized threat intelligence together,” says Ye Chao, Head of Rising Security Lab. “The industry is facing more and more security threats and there’s no way a single vendor could possibly tackle all of them. PolySwarm’s direction seems promising: To unite the world’s security intelligence and fight against ubiquitous security threats; every contributor will receive a corresponding return.”

With this partnership, PolySwarm continues to expand its open and crowdsourced ecosystem by onboarding new anti-malware engines, allowing them to generate passive income for accurately detecting threats and access a vast stream of malware samples to improve their products while providing broader, more accurate protection for consumers.

“We are very excited to have Rising join the growing network of PolySwarm micro-engines,” said Steve Bassi, PolySwarm CEO. “As the number of powerful security engines in the PolySwarm network expands, so does the coverage against threats, ensuring enterprises are properly fortified against evolving malware.”

About Rising

Beijing Rising Network Security Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 1991. Rising is dedicated to the research, development, production and sale of computer antivirus products, network security products, and anti-hacker products. Rising possesses all the intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies for all the products. Rising serves enterprises and individual users with its 4 major security solutions, including end-user security solutions, cloud security solutions, gateway security solutions, and security education solutions. As a comprehensive network security provider, Rising has monitoring centers, R&D centers, and virus response centers in China to provide complete security services to all users.