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PolySwarm welcomes Nucleon to its threat detection marketplace

Nucleon, a provider of cyber intelligence specializing in the collection and analysis of current threats, today joins the PolySwarm marketplace.

Participants in the PolySwarm ecosystem benefit from cybersecurity companies like Nucleon working in real-time to detect threats adding to a collaborative effort to prevent cyberattacks.

Nucleon offers highly advanced cyber intelligence solutions based on innovative machine learning algorithms that reduce the time human analysts need to spend analyzing the data.

Now, with Nucleon on the PolySwarm marketplace, users benefit from another leading security technology. At the same time, Nucleon can generate passive income for accurately identifying malware while also accessing a vast stream of malware samples to improve its own products.

“We are excited about partnering with PolySwarm enabling Nucleon to deliver its high quality intelligence to more users, helping secure the internet,” said Nuclen COO Roy Heller.

“We look forward to working with the Nucleon team given their focus on reducing false positives and highlighting the most relevant threats to their customers,” said PolySwarm CEO Steve Bassi. “We share the same goals at PolySwarm and think Nucleon’s threat intelligence and prediction will be a valuable addition to the security expert community.”

Security experts and antivirus companies interested in joining the marketplace can get more information here. Enterprises and business interested in a trial subscription to PolySwarm can try it and request more information here.

About Nucleon

Nucleon is the first company to offer targeted actionable cyber intelligence services with 0% false positives. Nucleon patent pending technology provides cyber intelligence for organizations at all sizes compliment existing cyber security tools and enables organizations to defend against new and emerging threats based on unique A.I and Machine learning algorithms. Using Nucleon any size of organization can implement proactive solutions that includes detection and prevention of the most advanced threats that other tools on the market fails to stop. For more information, please visit www.nucleon.sh

About PolySwarm

PolySwarm is the first malware detection marketplace where security experts and antivirus companies compete and get paid to detect threats. PolySwarm is the natural replacement to VirusTotal, with a better model for detecting and sharing malware to protect users. By combining protection from all participating anti-malware engines with diverse domains of expertise, economically rewarding accuracy of threat detection and providing transparency, PolySwarm provides broader, more accurate and up-to-date protection. For more information, please visit polyswarm.io and follow @polyswarm on Twitter.



The world's first crowdsourced threat detection marketplace. Learn more @ https://polyswarm.io

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