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The most widely-spoken language in the world is indeed English, which is why many blockchain projects are translated into English even if they weren’t first started by English speakers. However, the top languages to translate your ICO into including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and in these countries, there are a lot of people who don’t speak English at the technical level to understand most whitepapers or blockchain projects. Hence the need for your blockchain project materials to be translated. If they aren’t, you’re leaving a huge part of the market completely untouched.

It’s long been established that translation is necessary if you want widespread promotion of your project, and your first thought might be to save money by asking a bilingual friend or coworker to do the translation. But unless they personally know the market they’re translating for, or they’ve been trained to translate for this industry, there are quite a few reasons why you should skip over them and take your documents to a professional blockchain translation service instead. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Technical Knowledge

Entering the blockchain sphere opens up a whole new world of vocabulary, and knowing what all of it means in one language is a task within itself. Just having a friend translate might lead you to have a translation that doesn’t necessarily know the terminology, and you can end up with a document that either makes no sense or that sounds awful. With a professional translation agency that specializes in blockchain and fintech, you can ensure your materials are handled with the utmost scrutiny with every word being conveyed in the correct way so that native speakers of the translated document will understand everything. Rest assured your document will carry full weight with investors, news agencies, as well as the average blockchain enthusiast because this is the specialization of the translation agency.

2. Cultural Knowledge

Each country has its own culture and, unless you live there, it’s hard to know exactly how it functions and plays into blockchain and fintech culture. But that is exactly the job of the professional translation agency. They research the culture intensely, consult with those that live there, or live there themselves and then use any combination of these to adapt their translation so that it fits the necessary culture. All this research is cut out for you by hiring professional translators.

3. Market localization

The United States market is not the same as the Chinese market, and professional translators understand this. Professional blockchain translators not only understand the culture of the country, but also the market conditions and how people interact with the blockchain, as well as being familiar with your intended market, be it investors or businesses in a certain industry. This is especially useful for translating marketing materials as your article or tweet can be focused to a certain group of people within the country that you would like to target, and all of that research is done for you by the agency, there’s no need to throw away extra hours or manpower on it.

4. Market exposure

The last thing getting your project professionally translated can do for you is give you market exposure. Since all of your materials are now accessible to a whole new market, this opens up your project to get the kind of exposure you might need for widespread adoption. Having a meticulous and adequate translation will allow your project to really make a mark in a foreign country that otherwise wouldn’t have been an option. If your website, whitepaper, or any other document necessary to your project isn’t understandable, this could spell disappointment in a foreign market.

So take these points into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not to translate your materials professionally. Your project might just be the next blockchain project to spread like wildfire across the world, all because you went with professional translation.

And when thinking of which professional translation agency to choose, think of PolyTranslate! We specialize in all translations blockchain and fintech. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals with over a year’s worth of experience in this field waiting to translate your document into a number of different languages.!


Professional translation agency specialising in FinTech & Blockchain


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Professional translation agency specialising in FinTech & Blockchain http://polytranslate.com


Professional translation agency specialising in FinTech & Blockchain

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