Polyup in 9th to 12th Grade Classes

Polyup engage students in problem solving and let the share the joy of discovery!

You can use Polyup in your math classes and let your students share the joy of problem solving. Polyup also helps students become more engaged in mathematics and grow their own mathematical mindset.

Polyup is great for teaching many high-school math topics. Specifically, Polyup can help students improve in areas including: sequences and series, functions, algebra, exponential growth, computational geometry, algorithmic thinking.

You have flexibility in how to use Polyup in your class, some teachers use it as 5 to 10 minutes in some classes, some teachers use it in a half an hour session per week. Always students can play with Polyup out of class, you can design assignments for them or let them working on projects and design new Poly Machines.

You can use Poly Machines for Grades 9 to 12. Let students scan the barcodes shown using the Polyup app, or they can enter the six-digit codes to play.

You can also use Polyup in 9 to 12 Classes document just as a guideline to use Polyup in your class. Have fun with your students and let them be more engaged and be more creative!