Polyup Teacher’s Guide

You can use Polyup in your class to engage students in problem solving and motivate them to see the beauty of math.

Students intrigued by a Polyup puzzle

Here’s a 30-second summary of Polyup, taken from our Teacher’s Guide.


  • To attract and engage K-12 students to mathematics and problem solving.
  • To support a growth mathematical mindset through an experimental platform.
  • To enhance student creativity and mathematical skills in a project-based learning model.


  • A casual, gamified platform focused on computational thinking and functional programming.
  • A collaborative and social problem solving platform.
  • A modding platform to change the world!


  • Begin with the initial Poly Machine as instructed.
  • Work through provided Poly Machines with your class to maintain attraction and engagement.
  • Organize your own Poly Machine, share with others, and develop your own content on the platform, be social!

To learn more about how to use Polyup in your class, take a look at our Teacher’s Guide.