PolyZap Finance — a Decentralized Exchange (AMM) and Yield Farm on the Polygon Network — Recap

Mr. Zaptastic
May 10 · 3 min read

It’s a been a couple of days since our new project launched successfully — and thanks to the Polygon (Matic) Network high-speed and low transaction costs, we’re able to offer the community lightning fast trades and operations on our DEX and Yield Farm platform.

Read on to recap the PolyZap project, learn more about the launch features and future roadmap plans.

PolyZap Highlights

To highlight some key points for this exciting project:

  • Intelligent Decentralized Exchange (AMM)

Decentralized Exchange (AMM)

We launched with our own Automated Market Maker (AMM), which is a type of decentralized exchange, or DEX for short.

The DEX is where you go to exchange or swap currencies and the intelligent AMM component then sets up the trade you. You will also lock liquidity at the DEX which will transact PolyZap LPs into your wallet. LPs can then be used to stake in the farms/ pools to earn PZAP.

There are a number of reasons why PolyZap having it’s own DEX is good for you, the investor:

  • Our own AMM means liquidity is locked in the PolyZap Exchange, giving the Yield Farm independence and stability, once we have built enough liquidity (we need your help to achieve this goal!).

Yield Farm Features

At launch, we will have a limited number of farm features available from day one. Then in the following weeks we’ll be launching additional features, following our roadmap.

Launch Features

  • Zap Farms: stake the LP coins you already own in their respective Zap Farm and you will start earning PZAP with respect to the total farm’s staking balance.

Planned Features

  • Lottery: buy lottery tickets with PZAP to win big on the PolyZap Lottery.

PolyZap Finance — you can follow us on our official social media channels, to get the latest news and updates.


Yield Farm on Polygon (Matic) network.