Monthly Inspiration: June 2016

What has inspired the Pomegranate team in June?

Each month we share with you a selection of our inspirations from the previous month. Anything that has made us more creative — from books through websites to events. See if there is anything that will make YOUR creative juices flowing as well.

Luca — Creative Director
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SOFTWARE: Dragonfly — it’s really exciting to see how technology evolution is creating new tools to sharply assess design perception and user engagement. Our vision to evaluate emotional ignition in every single digital component is quickly becoming a standard. Being capable to orchestrate user needs and reaction around meaningful experiences it is not more an option but a must.

Tom — Project Manager
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WEBSITE: Waaark — an interesting site that has used development and design skills to create an animated site built on code that directs the user through the journey requiring intuitive user interaction, which makes the site seamlessly flow to where you want to go.

Aleksandra — Social Media Manager
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TOOL: Mockup Editor — this amazing tool allows to create your own mockups. No more endless scrolling to find the perfect one you imagined in your head. It is so simple to create it on your own!

Alberto — Business Analyst
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APP: Ghostery — an app and a browser extension to keep control of your browsing experience, allowing you to monitor what websites and apps track your internet browsing activity. If you are not a big fan of targeting ads or you simply want limit or decide what sites can have access to your data, Ghostery might be a useful solution for you.

Andy — Head Designer
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TOOL: Placeholder — a really useful tool that helps me to test an image dimension while changing designs. Instead of preparing placeholder images in illustrator or photoshop, I just type in the URL and change the dimensions in it!

Marina — UX Designer
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APP: Notegraphy — create and share inspiring and beautiful quotes in an easy and quick way. Whenever you simply need to find some inspirational and motivational sentence or write down a “motto”, the app will allow you to choose among stunning visual designs to add character to your quote. The user experience of the app is seamless and pleasant. Moreover, the idea of having real artists/visual designers creating the styles, will give exposure to new talents and motivate them to create new inspiring designs.

Michal — UX Designer
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MAGAZINE: Wired, June 2016 Issue — the issue’s theme was extremely interesting — creating businesses that are profitable and provide substantial social value at the same time. These concepts, often perceived as contradictory, apparently can work together pretty well — there are more and more successful companies whose social mission is being fulfilled as much as their cash flow plans. Great stories from littleBits, Patagonia, Kickstarter, Pidgeonly and many others!

Barbara — UI/UX Designer
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STREET ART: During my two days in Florence I was pleasantly surprised to find many street signs altered by Clet Abraham, Italy-based French artist.

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