5 Uncommon and Often Neglected Podcasting Tips to Help Your Show Stand Out from All the Others

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2 min readOct 13, 2022


There are almost 4,000,000 podcasts out there according to Podcast Index.

And while Statistica estimated there are almost a hundred listeners for each podcast, the distribution isn’t even in the attention economy.

Here are 5 uncommon tips to help your podcast stand out from the rest.

1. Spam communities

Most podcasts fail because of lack of promotion.

Creators expect their guests and audience to promote their podcast for them but don’t put in the work themselves. They feel too shy or lack the confidence to promote their work.

You need to get over your issues and share, share, share. Even if it means you get accused of spamming a group.

Stick to a communities rules around promotion, but share to every community every chance you get.

2. Create and share hero clips

A hero clip is a key takeaway or memorable moment from your podcast.

Put it at the start of your show to give a preview of the content and show value to your listener. You should also share it on social media as an audiogram to gain attention.

(FYI: You can create audiograms for free on pompom.)

3. Hype your episodes before they drop

Don’t wait for your next release to promote your show.

Share previews, behind the scenes photos or just an announcements of when your next show is releasing. Hyping your release gives you another reason to invite people to subscribe.

4. Get a memorable URL for your show

Make it easy for listeners to find your show.

You don’t want them to look up a clever spelling or unrelated domain. Worse, they might look for your podcast in their podcast player and see a competitor or similar named show instead.

So get a short and memorable url with links to common podcast apps

5. Record and throw away your first 3 podcast episodes

Unless you’ve worked in radio or a similar audio profession, you’re going to suck.

You need to get some time and experience under your belt to grow your voice. Plus, there are technical issues you won’t know about until after you’ve tried to record an episode or three. The only solution, is practice.

So record at least three test episodes with a friend. Even if you like them, record them again later and they’ll be much better.

Don’t neglect these simple actions

Each of these actions are simple to do, can bring great benefits but are often ignored. Don’t hold back your show by forgetting them.



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