If You’re Interested In Learning How to Podcast, Subscribe To These 3 YouTube Channels

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1 min readSep 1, 2022


Learning how to podcast is hard.

It’s not a single skills but a set of overlapping skills.

Luckily, everything you need to know to get started, become proficient, and even become a full-time podcaster, you have access to online — for free.

Just subscribe to these 3 YouTube channels:


Yes, the podcast hosting company has a YouTube channel.

And it’s full of practical tips on recording, editing and promoting your podcast. They even include gear recommendations and reactions to breaking news like the spygate from Audacity.

Check out their how to start a podcast in 2022 video.

The Podcast Host

Colin Gray’s Scottish accent is his unfair advantage.

In addition to his silky smooth tones, Colin shares tips and tutorials on equipment, editing, hosting.

Check out his video on podcast intros and outros.

Podcast launch lab

Equipment, product and promotion tips.

Sebastian Rusk takes you through the latest changes in the podcasting world and provides tips on equipment, editing and promoting your podcast.

Check out his video on why you should start a podcast in 2022.

We’re planning on making our YouTube channel worthy of inclusion on a list like this, but we can’t do that yet. So in the meantime subscribe to these channels and get started on your podcast journey.



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