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Aug 27, 2015 · 3 min read

Can I call this Mediumlandia, owing to the many inside jokes, friendships and the general pleasantry?

As a writer and publisher I’ve been wondering about where this contemporary writing space is headed? Writing has been and still is, largely a solitary process. And much like you, I wish I could find others to share in this creative but challenging process.

  • How do writers, editors and publishers communicate and connect easier?
  • How can we improve pre-production collaborations?
  • How do we recruit, pitch, research or promote pieces?
  • And plenty of other yearning questions and witty answers…

Announcing Pomqa

Pronounced pom-qua but colloquially referred to as pom, as in people of medium but .qa was the only affordable domain available which could easily stand for questions & answers or quality assurance…

They say designers are just synthesizers of information and I’ve been on Medium long enough to see the writing on the walls.

Folks want to connect with each other easily.

I’ve connected with folks I met here, outside of here. Phone calls, tweets, slack, bar chats… I don’t expect Medium to furnish those interactions but the kind folks I consider my peers, motivate me to give back to this platform.

We’re starting an open slack room for us all to hangout — share stories, ideas & notes. By we I mean the handful of folks that I regularly count on to get shit done.

  • We’re going to have frequent writing prompts with deadlines…
  • We’re going to recruit editors to help you polish your drafts…
  • We’re going to invite publications to help you promote your pieces…
  • It’s going to be a writing party…

Signup and Chat

You asked so here it is. A slack chat room for about 500 active contributors. For now, use the form below and tell us why you should get an invite.


#workshop: An opportunity for people to review each other’s work and provide feedback.
#opportunities: Talk about how to moving forward, paid/unpaid job postings, writing prompts etc.
#publishers: Share and promote your work, get involved with publications and support each other.
#help: Have a general question, anything goes.
#medium: Let’s talk Medium.

We’re always open to suggestions on new channels. Any user is free to create their own private group at any time, eg. #mutiny.

Pomqa Guidelines

  1. We’re an inclusive space. This means we actively support diversity of identities and ideas.
  2. We succeed together. Individual’s succeed when the each other succeeds. Work hard, contribute and support each other.
  3. Treat each other well. Empathize with one another and understand each others needs. Be open to new perspectives.
  4. Be better today than yesterday. This is a continuous learning environment. Be open to giving and taking suggestions.


  1. This is an unofficial slack channel and is not sponsored or regulated by Medium in any manner.
  2. Pomqa reserves the right to monitor and maintain membership to ensure that a strong writing table forms.
  3. Pomqa seeks to address writing challenges with a forum that assists writers, editors and publishers tackle jobs to be done.

Pomqa Group

Dispatches from a writing group


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Love, Design & Computation

Pomqa Group

Dispatches from a writing group

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