By importing boards from Pinterest, Ponga lets get specific about what they mean and engage the designer in a dialog about preferences and design considerations.

Point into Pinterest

Interior design and remodeling projects begin months before clients make the commitment to engage you, the designer. They spend months dreaming while pouring over pictures. Why not begin a project by pointing into those same pictures: “What is you like about this?”

Clients spend months studying pictures on sites like Pinterest before engaging a professional designer like you. When they start a project, the first thing they want to do is show you their pin boards. For you, this process is about “getting into a client’s head.” Collected pictures reflect taste, preferences, and inspiration. Ultimately, designers are asking “WHAT is it you like?”

For clients, articulating the answer clearly is a struggle that involves correctly using fancy terms like “sconce” and “soffit.” Pointing into pictures skips right over lingo and lets clients be specific about what they like. Designers can ask follow-up questions without making anyone feel stupid. This is an opportunity to dig deeper than “like” and “hate.”

Start with a Pinterest board, then point into pictures with Ponga

With a simple click of a button you can import any Pinterest board in your profile. The trick is that if you’re looking to import your client’s board, THEY have to invite YOU invite you to their board first. In Pinterest, inviting someone to a board is different from sharing a link to a board. By inviting you to a board, your client’s board appears in your profile. They are own the board, you are a collaborator. Note, secret boards are a special case, more here.

Clients can invite their designers to join their Pinterest boards in three simple steps:

  1. Log into Pinterest,
  2. Open the board they want to invite their designer to and
  3. click the “+” button and enter the name or email address of the designer and click invite.

Once a client has invited you to join their board, you just need to accept the invitation.

  1. Open the email with the invitation to join the board and (or, open the notification in Pinterest to join the board)
  2. Accept the invitation. Once you accept the invitation, you’re done.

Once you’ve joined a Pinterest board as a collaborator, importing it into Ponga is easy too.

Button to import a Pinterest board to create a Ponga set

To import, open Ponga and press the “import Pinterest board” button. First Ponga will request permission to access your Pinterest account, press “Okay.” Then you will be presented with the list of boards in your account. Choose one and press Import.

All pictures in that board will be imported into your Ponga account as a set with a title that matches the name of the Pinterest board. You’ll get a notification via email when Ponga set is ready. Refreshing the browser page will also present the new set when it is ready.

Once the Pinterest board has been imported into a Ponga set, open the Share panel and invite your client to the set as a collaborator. Ponga includes a spot to optionally include a message that will appear in your email message.

Optionally, you can review the pictures in the set to add comments that might engage your client in details you want to know about pictures. You might add comments, for example, based on what you know about constraints presented by materials the client has “liked.” That approach helps engage them in questions about what they really like and merely thought interesting.

Should you need to look back at materials found in Pinterest, source links from the original Pinterest pins are retained in Ponga picture descriptions. Clicking those links takes you to the Pinterest picture, and from there you can go back to the original source.

Clicking the link in the description of the Ponga picture leads to the original Pinterest Pin. Clicking on “visit” leads to the original source page for the image ensuring that source material is accessible for purchase or further research.

To see a set of Ponga pictures created from an imported Pinterest pin board, see this example of a shared public set that Dave Demontania created from a Skylights board.

You can visit the shared public set at

Importing Pinterest boards is available now on Ponga using the web interface. For information for using Ponga as a professional designer, see