Wedding Day Transportation logistics: Do’s and Dont’s

Delicious dinner, touching toasts and a festive dance-off make for a fun party, but the only thing that has to happen to make your wedding a “success” is for you to, well, get married. To do that, you need to get to the ceremony, preferably on time. Transportation glitches get your day off to an awkward start and can leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths.

Transportation is, by far, one the biggest headache of the entire wedding planning process, and it may be the one area where you need to go over budget.

Today we’re sharing some do and dont’s of best transportation hacks because how you and your guests get around will be a make-it-or-break-it detail on your wedding day.

DO: Establish budget for wedding transportation logistic

Transportation is an important yet often-overlooked element of your wedding day — you, your groom, your parents, your wedding attendants, and your wedding guests will all need to figure out a way to get to the wedding venue and back one way or another. And though it may be easiest to assume everyone will just drive themselves, in many situations, that may not be the best (or safest!) idea. Which is why it’s a very smart and thoughtful idea to make room in your wedding budget for transportation.

DON’T: Wait for the last minute to find a pro available

Plan on making your reservations at least four to six months in advance. Allot even more time if you are having your wedding during peak season (May-October) because high-class vehicles will be in high demand.

Research yourself for the pros, make sure they will have everything you need:

Vehicles — not only stretch limos

Insurance — trust us! it’s very important

At least a dedicated staff member — you will need someone from the inside that will give you all the info you will need, that will call you to ask you about the headcount, about the drinks that should be served, about the color of the vehicle and so on, also you will have questions too so make sure that the ground transpiration company you choose is willing to offer you at least one specialist for you wedding transportation logistic.

Trained chauffeurs — are a must especially for this big event, prepared to handle everything that can go wrong, with amazing customer care skills, and problem solving attitude.

DO: Always hire the pros

Always! Photographers, caters, the band, transportation. It’s your wedding, you need the best! Of course you have that one friends that is a photography passionate, it’s great that he is offering to take the pictures but that’s not going to be enough, you need a professional.

The same goes with everything. Hiring someone one who is doing this for the first time it’s not a good idea even if its fits to your budget.

When it comes to transportation logistic who can handle better than a pro? Someone who knows everything that can go wrong and makes sure it doesn’t?

DON’T: Leave your guests stranded

If you’re hosting a lot of out-of-towners, consider providing them with a ride from airport to their hotel and from the hotel to the wedding and back. That way, no one has to worry about navigating an unfamiliar city or choosing designated drivers. A van or a mini bus, which holds up to 25 passengers, will usually do the trick (it can take a couple trips).

Go the extra mile and choose to offer them something that will remember for the rest of their lives, besides your wedding: book a charter bus and, on their way to the hotel from the airport offer them a tour of Chicago. Think about, this can be their first time in town, they come especially for you, they probably won’t find the time to visit some landmarks, so ask them to come early on offer then this gift: a tour of Chicago…they come bearing gifts for you too so they worth it.

DO: Passenger head count

Your first step is to take a headcount for immediate family and VIPs. For many weddings, that means the bride and groom, their wedding party, both sets of parents, siblings not in the wedding party and grandparents. Some couples also provide transportation for close relatives, out-of-towners or all guests, if there’s extensive transportation from the ceremony to the reception. So where do you draw the line? The decision will probably come down to budget (but don’t leave your fund entirely bare). Know that you’re not required to provide transportation for the entire wedding party for the entire night — you just need to make arrangements so no VIP gets stranded. If you’re nervous about guests getting lost (or enjoying themselves too much to drive home safely), a party bus can be a fun and practical option.

Make sure everyone has a ride. Ask! Some prefer carpooling with others, some will not have a lot of options, make sure how many need a ride and most important offer this accurate info to that one person designated to care of your wedding details from the ground transportation company. He needs to know everything because he will give the vehicle options.

DON’T: Forget the contract

Now that you’ve established what your transportation needs are and have a better idea of what they’ll cost, let’s get down to business! Get a written agreement that includes the following terms of service: total cost, deposits required, refund and gratuity policies, arrival and departure locations, pick-up/drop-off times, the exact models of the vehicles you’ve requested and the overtime rate per hour. This will give you extra peace of mind!

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Originally published at Pontarelli Chicago Limousine Service.

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