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Introducing Pooch: A Cross-Chain NFT Bridge

He’s One Nifty Mother Pupper.

Enter 🐶Pooch🐶: A simple, fun interface for NFT creators, collectors, investors, and enthusiasts to transfer their NFTs across blockchains.

🐶 Pooch Explained

Pooch was built out of necessity during ETHGlobal’s 2-day NFTHack.

🐕 The Ulti-Mutt Bridge

Our NFTs are like our pooches; they’re much too cute to be left on our home chains.

💰 What Does it Cost?

With the price of ETH and network congestion on the rise, even basic transactions on Ethereum are becoming prohibitively expensive for entry-level players.

Pooch enables you to take advantage of dapps, games, and lower transaction fees on different chains.

There is no platform fee with the current implementation, however, this fee will be configurable based on the source chain’s fee structure.

🦴 Play With Pooch

We’re not quite ready to unleash Pooch just yet, so right now the app is in testing.

  • 🐩 Connect with new chains.
  • 🐕 Integrate NFT analytics.
  • 📦 Implement batch-send functionality.
  • 🐶 Integrate Pooch with NFT marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea.



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