Poolin European Mining Tour

Poolin mining pool finalizes a European mining meetup and conference tour with the mission to educate and enhance the vibrant mining and cryptocurrency community.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry continues to inspire us at Poolin. We believe staunchly in educating and enhancing the mining and cryptocurrency communities as much as we can, in that spirit, we organized multiple meetups and attended blockchain conferences around Europe. We met many like-minded individuals building the future of our industry. At Poolin we strive to listen to what local miners have to say about their experiences with pools in the attempt to continue to provide our excellent world-class mining pool service.

“Poolin was born in 2017 and is already one of the top cryptocurrency-mining pools in the world. The mining industry is evolving at an exponential pace. The time is now to expose Poolin’s excellent suite of cryptocurrency-mining products and services to the global markets”

Lisk Center Utrecht Mining Meetup

Poolin is among the first international pools to organize a multi-country effort in Europe which saw multiple cities during a 30-day time span. The tour kicked off with the first meetup taking place on September 16th at a blockchain co-working space Center in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Berlin Blockchain Week Mining Meetup!
Essen Mining Meetup at the Blockchain Hotel

Next-stop for the tour was Germany with back-to-back meetups that occurred in the cities of Essen and Berlin throughout the days of September 23rd — 29th. The Berlin meetup took place at the Berlin Blockchain Week and saw an excellent turn-out with many industry players coming by to learn and network.

Taking into account that the cryptocurrency-mining industry is evolving extremely fast, you can expect to draw insights from industry leaders and experienced miners by understanding which hardware is the most efficient to use now, and if that hardware will be sustainable up until the halving. This topic and more was covered in our two subsequent mining meetups at Blockchain Hotel and PrimalBase Berlin.

PrimalBase X Poolin
Big thanks to Icelandic Blockchain Foundation

As more cryptocurrency miners are entering the industry from many pockets around the world the race is on to see which geographical landscape will be able to boast the most sustainable electricity prices. This particular topic was covered in the beautiful country of Iceland and more precisely, the city of Reykjavik. The awesome mining community came out to meet the Poolin team and the other locals.


We were then thrilled to attend the HCCP conference in Prague, Czech Republic — many of the old-school crypto enthusiasts were to be found here. Always inspiring to hear their first-hand accounts of years of crypto experience.

Poolin Mining Booth

The last stop of our mining meetup and conference tour was at the ChainPoint Conference in lovely Yerevan, Armenia. Poolin sponsored the conference with a booth where many came by to learn about our services.

We presented about the mining competitive landscape which is already undergoing massive changes as stronger mining rigs are drastically adding more hashpower between top pools, this and other interesting topics shaping and defining the cryptocurrency-mining industry were discussed.

Presenting Mining Pool and Industry at the ChainPoint Conference Armenia.

Poolin was happy to meet and great so many people of our industry in the hopes to further our mission and the misison of crypto at large. We will continue to redefine what a mining pool is by offering the best in-house knowledge, excellent mining tools, and efficient customer support to an international customer base. ‘Till next time.

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