Poolin Recap of 2019

Alejandro De La Torre
Jan 4 · 2 min read

What we have accomplished in 2019:

  1. Poolin pool jumps to number one with impressive growth!

We have experienced significant growth this year thanks to our continued expansion of the team, tools and service. Our miners trust that with Poolin they can forecast into their own future endeavors with confidence. Our team has over 6 years of experience in the cryptocurrency mining industry!


2. Tools, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash hashrate auto switch

Tools play an important role in the daily workload of a mining operation. We have, with our years of experience, pinpointed the main issues miners face and built tools to remedy them. We also released in 2019 a hashrate auto-switch feature which bumped the profitability up for our miners. Information on all other tools can be found in this blog post.

3. New Era Mining Summit and China mining tour

Mining summit was a success with over 1000 attendees and many well-known cryptocurrency heads participating in discussions. Alongside the conference, we held many mining meetups around China.

4. European office and mining tour

With the efforts to bring Poolin to the international markets we have opened a new office in Berlin, Germany. To celebrate the opening of this new office we also went on tour around Europe getting to know the local mining and crypto communities. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

5. Ravencoin, Ethereum mining!

Expanding our pool and mining options is important for us. That’s why in 2019 we added both Ravencoin and Ethereum. We have grown immensely with both coins with Ravencoin topping the list of the largest Ravencoin mining pool in the global cryptocurrency space.

Follow our journey in 2020 where we have many new and exciting things planned for mining! Join us today, miners: Poolin

Multi-Cryptocurrency mining pool.

Alejandro De La Torre

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