Poolin’s Excellent Suite of Tools for Miners

At Poolin we pride ourselves in having the best tools for our miners. Our goal with these tools is to ultimately increase your profitability with Poolin. We always strive to create your mining experience that much more efficient and we continuously add new tools to our suite.

Worker Latency Monitor

Mining pools send jobs to workers and workers then send the calculation result back to the pool. In this mining process, network latency plays a vital role. The higher the latency is the higher the rejection rate will be resulting in lower profitability.

The worker latency monitor tool will measure and display the latency between the pool and the workers. This helps miners figure out all the details of their mining farms network latency which in turn furthers the transparency and profit of their operation.

Worker Status Monitor

This tool will show the worker status change history. Allowing Poolin miners to track, diagnose and monitor the stability of the workers.

miner box


The miner monitoring software launched by Poolin can configure miners in batches, monitor the status of miners, firmware upgrade and also has an antivirus! Try it out.


Electric power load can be kept in cases of network blackout thus reducing damage to electrical equipment in mining farms.

smart agent

Smart Agent

Smart agent is a stratum proxy released by Poolin. Acting as the connection between miners and mining pool, smart agent can help increase the management efficiency of miners and save network traffic. The agent mainly has the following functions:

  • save network traffic and bandwidth;

Poolin Smart Agent supports various brand miner, such as Avalon, Antminer, Innosilicon, Whatsminer etc.

Want to try it out? More information here: https://help.poolin.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021068392

Poolin App

Our official app available for iOS and Android can be downloaded here: https://www.poolin.com/download

  • Real-time hashrate check

Come try out our comprehensive tools here: https://www.poolin.com/tools & don’t forget to let us know what you think of them on Twitter, Facebook or Bitcointalk!


Multi-Cryptocurrency mining pool.

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Multi-Cryptocurrency mining pool.

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