Winner Transparency

Leighton Cusack
Oct 24 · 2 min read

We’ve launched a new feature in PoolTogether! You can now see everyone else who is in the Pool and their chances of winning.

The “Prizes” menu link now takes you to a list of all past and current prizes.

When you click on a prize you will be taken to the prize detail page (below), where you can see all of the addresses that held eligible tickets for that prize and what their chances of winning were.

Prize detail page

As you look at previous prizes you may notice one address with a very large Dai deposit has won 4 of the 6 prizes thus far. This is a whale that has been attracted by the higher interest rates on PoolTogether.

Although this makes sense mathematically we realize it’s discouraging to our community members who have small deposits. It’s also not aligned with our desire to empower wealth creation for small savers.

We will soon introduce several new features to empower our smaller users:

  1. Tickets will be tokenized. This means that users will be able to combine their tickets and disburse the winnings in any way they please.
  2. Users can join Pods. “Pods” are going to be our vision of how users can combine their tickets together. Users will be able to join Pods for a higher chance of winning to split the prize with others.

We’ll share more details when this is ready!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, email us at


Updates & News From PoolTogether

Leighton Cusack

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Updates & News From PoolTogether

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