Announcing the Official $POOLZ Token Matrix

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5 min readDec 14, 2020

We spent hundreds of hours planning, strategizing, developing, and executing everything to make Poolz the best of what it can be. All our hard work combined with an out strong will to create a value-oriented product for the blockchain community is paying off. We have achieved tremendous success in the past few months, including onboarding well-known crypto pioneers as our advisors, and partnering with many different blockchains including TomoChain and Moonbeam.

We have always given top priority to our community and shared our project details with full transparency. Today, we are here to share with you the token metrics for $POOLZ, the native cryptocurrency of the Poolz cross-chain ecosystem.

The Poolz ($POOLZ) Token

POOLZ is the Poolz ecosystem’s native ERC-20 token whose primary use cases are incentivization, governance, project development, and token burns. As for the investors and liquidity providers, the POOLZ token’s ownership makes them eligible for a range of potential use-cases.

Our Long-Terms Vision

As a worldview, we believe in doing fair fundraising amounts that will meet the needs of the company in the most focused way. Since the company’s product is at an advanced stage, meaning we will be profitable very soon and will be able to finance ourselves, we do not need to raise a large and inflated amount of money. We are creating our company with a value-oriented mindset because we want the first investors in the company to enjoy the fruits with us.

1/3rd Tokens Locked for 10 Years of Vesting

As a team of experienced crypto entrepreneurs, we wanted to create a high-potential project that has a great demand. We have everything a project needs to succeed: a clear need in the market, proven technological feasibility, a strong team working together, and a common interest on the part of investors, project owners, and blockchain companies interested in integrating with us.

We, therefore, chose an unconventional model to express our full faith in the company in the long run. A 1/3rd of the tokens are locked and will be released over a period of 10 years. We believe this model will ensure high deflation and low supply.

Token Use Cases

The POOLZ token has several use-cases within the Poolz ecosystem:

  • Holder’s Benefits: Investors holding POOLZ tokens will get additional benefits and better swap ratios for pools running on the platform.
  • Governance: The Poolz platform will implement a regular Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, enabling POOLZ holders to gain voting rights by staking their tokens in designated wallets. In general, the mechanism will involve limited-period staking, to be defined in detail at the time of the platform’s governance launch.
  • Staking: POOLZ token holders will be able to generate annual passive income from their POOLZ tokens by staking them in specific ERC20 wallets. As an incentive, POOLZ holders will gain staking rewards (discussed under allocation in the Litepaper).
  • Token Burn: Poolz adopts a Limited Top Value Burn policy and will use 16.667% of its daily earnings to market buy POOLZ for token burning, with an upper limit of 20% of the total POOLZ supply.
  • Reserve: These reserve tokens are allocated for future initiatives and to support the community, marketing, exchange fees, and long-term liquidity.

Token Sale Metrics

  • Total Supply: 5,000,000 POOLZ
  • Ticker: POOLZ
  • Initial Market Cap: $423,500
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $3.5M
  • Pre Seed: 100,000 POOLZ at $0.35. 3 months lock, then 8.33% monthly
  • Strategic Round: 400,000 POOLZ, at 0.455 USD. 10% on TGE, then 9% monthly over 10 months.
  • Private Sale 1: 700,000 POOLZ, at $0.47775, 20% on TGE 20%, then 20%, monthly.
  • Private Sale 2: 900,000 POOLZ at $0.50050, 25% on TGE, then 25% monthly.
  • Auction Pools: 100,000 POOLZ at $0.7, no lockup.
  • Listing Price: TBD.

Token Allocation & Circulation

  • Private & Public Sale: 2,200,000 POOLZ (44%) will be allocated for private and public sales.
  • Swapping Rewards: Out of the total supply, 800,000 POZ tokens (16%) will be allocated as swapping rewards for liquidity providers participating in pools listed on the platform. Swapping rewards will be available for 10 years, releasing 80,000 POOLZ per year (1,539 tokens per week). However, in the future, governance may decide changes to the vesting ratio, as well as the reward mechanism (discussed under ‘Liquidity Provider or Investor’s Flow’ in the Litepaper).
  • Mechanism: In proportion to their contributions, liquidity providers will gain a percentage of the total liquidity deposited over the current week. Swapping rewards on the platform will be calculated and disbursed every 4 hours and in weekly cycles. Suppose, LP (A) contributes to Pool (1) in the first 4-hour slot of Day(1) — Week(1). Now, if LP (A) is the only investor during this period, he/she gets 100% of the swapping reward for that slot. Then, say, on the third 4-hour slot of Day (2) — Week(1), LP (A) would still be eligible for swapping rewards, but in proportion to the total liquidity deposited in the meanwhile. Likewise, LP (A) continues to get some reward for the remaining week.

Staking Rewards: 800,000 POOLZ (16%) will be allocated as staking rewards that the network will circulate in the form of Average Annual Yields (AYY) to POZ holders who stake their tokens in a compatible staking wallet. These tokens will be securely locked in a publicly-auditable Multi-Sig Wallet and will come into circulation over a period of 10 years, with a maximum capping of 80,000 tokens per year.

Reserve: 600,000 POOLZ (12%) tokens are allocated for future initiatives and to support the community and long term liquidity.

Team & Advisors: 500,000 POOLZ (10%) will be allocated for incentivizing the Poolz team and its advisors. The team’s allocation will be disbursed over 6 months of equal vesting after a lock-in period of 1 year. Advisors will receive their allocation over 1 year of monthly vesting.

Liquidity Fund: 100,000 POOLZ (2%) will be allocated for providing liquidity on Uniswap and other exchanges after listing.

Token Release Schedule

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