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Poolz Announces New Staking Pool of 30 Days for 5 Upcoming IDOs

Poolz had a steady start in February when it conducted its first IDO and it is now soaring as it has confirmed three IDOs and counting for the month of March.

We recently announced a combined staking pool of seven days for three IDOs to simplify the staking and IDO participation process for the community.

We have already concluded three IDOs in March and have five more IDO finalized and counting. Due to the volume of IDOs, we plan to conduct in the next few weeks, we are launching a 30-day staking pool for all upcoming IDOs in the next thirty days.

The five projects finalized for this staking period are Lepricon, and MerchDAO, while 3 additional IDO will be announced in the next few days, bringing us to a total number of 5 IDOs!

All these are high potential projects that have signed partnerships and received investments from well-known VCs and blockchain companies.

This means interested investors will have to stake only once to be eligible for the whitelisting process of all five IDOs during this period. We also plan to add ongoing staking shortly, so users will have the ability to join the staking.

— The staking pool will open on March 10th at 17:00 UTC and remain open until March 17th.

— Staking Period: March 17th to April 17th, 17:00 UTC

Official Staking pool link: https://staking.poolz.finance/

Poolz will offer an annual percentage yield, or APY, of 12% for the 30-day staking pool. However, you must note that staking in this pool is irreversible, meaning you cannot unstake your staked tokens before the completion of the 30-day staking period.

Poolz will whitelist investors for each of the IDOs based on the amount of POOLZ staked by each investor in this combined staking pool.

To be fully eligible for each of the first five IDO’s whitelisting, please make sure you have filled the following whitelists:

Lepricon Whitelist — IDO date: 17th March.

Deeper Network Whitelist — IDO date: 25th March.

MerchDAO Whitelist — IDO date: 27th March.

COOK Protocol Whitelist — IDO date: 30th March

Rage.fun Whitelist — IDO date: 31th March

You can know more about the whitelisting process and the tier model for IDO here.

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Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, built on top of Web 3.0 network.

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