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Poolz Announcing New Staking Pool for Upcoming IDOs

You may have already realized that Poolz is soaring as we conduct a number of IDOs back to back. Even then, we can confidently say that what we’ve done so far is only a small part of what we have plans to do in the future.

On that note, we are excited to announce that we are opening another staking pool for FM gallery, Deeper Network, MerchDAO, COOK Protocol, and Rage.fan IDOs.

$POOLZ holders who stake in this pool will be eligible for IDOs conducted during the staking period.

The staking time starts on March 20, 2021, and users will be able to stake their tokens until April 10, 2021.

Below are the details of the new POOLZ staking pool:

Deposit Time — March 20, 17:00 UTC to April 4, 17:00 UTC, i.e. 21 days.

Staking Pool Duration: April 10 to April 17, i.e one week

Annual Percentage Yield — 12%

Maximum Staking Amount: Up to 1 million worth of $POOLZ

You can find the latest staking pool here.

*Important note: users that already staked their POOLZ in one of our previous staking pools (Gold, Diamond, VIP, IDO pool) don't need to restake & stake again.

Receive the latest updates on Poolz here:

We look forward to your participation in the staking pool.



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