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Poolz Integrates with Binance Smart Chain

Poolz is thrilled to share that Binance Smart Chain is now integrated into the Poolz ecosystem. The Poolz-Binance Smart Chain integration brings together our common goal of creating a better DeFi world for the community.

Poolz has been working expeditiously to figure out innovative ways to distribute and bring liquidity to DeFi projects’ tokens. Our integration with the Binance Smart Chain will help projects on Binance Smart Chain to conduct IDOs on Poolz against the BNB token. This will also help us drive the greater real-world application of blockchain, specific to the liquidity auctions of DeFi tokens.

Through this partnership, Binance X will also help us choose innovative, high-potential projects on the Binance Smart Chain for the Poolz ecosystem. The chosen projects will then be able to conduct their pre-listing sale on the Poolz platform.

Does your project build on Binance Smart Chain?
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Binance Smart Chain Testnet is Live: https://bsc.poolz.finance/

Recognizing the great value this integration would bring to the crypto economy, Liam Cohen, the Chief Marketing Officer of Poolz, said, “We are observing an increasing trend of great projects moving towards Binance Chain ecosystem, and we want to contribute to its ecosystem so that all these great projects may garner added value from our contribution.”

Through the creation of a cross-chain ecosystem, Poolz will be supporting a multitude of tokens, while the aim is to enable project owners to launch and manage the IDOs that are discoverable by investors on Poolz’s platform as well as by Binance’s BNB (BEP-2) and other token holders.

Our founder and CEO, Guy Oren shared his views on the partnership stating, “We want to push blockchain adoption forward and are humbled to work together with Binance Smart Chain to reach new levels of interconnectivity. As the fabric of the digital economy, we believe that together with Binance X we will be able to empower the ecosystem of economies to grow towards a level of adoption not seen in the industry before.”

About Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain service that allows developers to build their own decentralized apps using smart contracts. It is designed to provide the same kind of speedy transaction as Binance Chain while also greatly expanding the available features and capabilities, including EVM compatibility.

About Poolz

Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure to enable crypto projects to raise funds before listing. The Poolz platform has already integrated with many different blockchains and is in discussions with more than 10 of the biggest blockchain networks.

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