Poolz Second IDO Tier Model and Whitelisting Process

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4 min readFeb 14, 2021


Overview for Fast Readers:

There are two main rules for the whitelisting process for the next Poolz IDO:

  1. Tier Model, with a “lottery-ticket-system” for IDO allocation to whitelisted investors, while two highest tiers (Diamond and Blue Diamond) will also get a guaranteed allocation.
  2. 7 days mandatory staking period for IDO participation eligibility (with APY for those who don’t win an IDO allocation).

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The first Poolz IDO of the BOTS token by Bot Ocean was a massive success. The BOTS token is currently trading at 25x compared to Poolz IDO price! It gives us great pleasure and motivation to know that we are together making a huge difference to the world of decentralized finance.

We have experienced extremely high demand from blockchain and crypto enthusiasts who want to invest in early-stage crypto projects that conduct their IDOs on Poolz. We, however, want all IDO investors to get a reasonable allocation, which is why we have a whitelisting process for investors.

The whitelisting process for all Poolz IDOs is based on a tier model. Let’s take a look.

Understanding the Poolz IDO Tier Model

We have designed six different tiers for investors who are interested in investing in IDOs of groundbreaking crypto projects built across different blockchains.

For our second IDO, Poolz will determine the validity of all interested investors by automatically evaluating the staked amount of Poolz tokens and allotting them a tier and IDO tickets accordingly. The system will then whitelist investors for the IDO allocation through a “lottery-ticket-system.”

Poolz will categorize all investors under these six tiers outlined below.

  • Amber (Tier 1)

Amber is the first tier, and to qualify for this, you must stake a minimum of 250 POOLZ. Being a Tier 1 IDO participant will earn you one ticket for the IDO.

  • Sapphire (Tier 2)

Investors who have staked a minimum of 500 POOLZ tokens will qualify for Tier 2, or the Sapphire tier. The Sapphire tier will earn you two tickets for the IDO, thus increasing your chances of winning an allocation in the IDO.

  • Emerald (Tier 3)

Emerald tier, or Tier 3, will entitle investors with three tickets to the IDO and a greater chance of winning an IDO allocation. To qualify for this tier, you must stake a minimum of 1,250 POOLZ.

  • Ruby (Tier 4)

Those who stake at least 2,500 POOLZ tokens will qualify as Tier 4, also called Ruby. If you qualify for Ruby, you will get four tickets for the IDO.

  • Diamond (Tier 5)

To be in the Diamond tier, or Tier 5, you must stake a minimum of 5,000 POOLZ. As a Diamond tier investor, you will have four IDO tickets along with ONE GUARANTEED ALLOCATION in the IDO.

  • Blue Diamond (Tier 6)

If you have staked at least 10,000 POOLZ, you qualify for the most elite tier, Tier 6, also called Blue Diamond. As a Blue Diamond investor, you will attain four IDO tickets and TWO GUARANTEED allocations in the IDO.

As is evident, the higher your stake, the higher is your tier, the bigger are your chances of winning an allocation in a Poolz IDO and the bigger can your allocation amount be.

LP on Uniswap + previous staking pools will be counted in the POOLZ holding calculations.

For example, if you have provided 250 POOLZ tokens as a liquidity provider on Uniswap and you hold 250 POOLZ in your wallet, this would mean your total contribution is 500 POOLZ tokens. Hence, the system will consider 500 POOLZ tokens to assign you an IDO tier

However, the number of tickets in any of the tiers do not guarantee an allocation. They are like a lottery ticket and your chances of winning an allocation depend on a random algorithm that chooses IDO investors. Only investors in Diamond and Blue Diamond tiers have one and two guaranteed allocations respectively.

You must also note that you need to hold your staked amount for at least 7 days. The exact staking times will be published soon.

Incentives for All Stakers

We equally recognize, understand, and appreciate every staker who has staked POOLZ tokens, irrespective of the amount. Every one of you plays an important role in making Poolz the platform that it is. To extend our gratitude to each and every POOLZ staker, we will offer incentives to stakers who unluckily do not win any allocation during a Poolz IDO.

This is to ensure that no one who has trusted Poolz leaves empty-handed. We want each of our community members to have something to cherish at the end of the day. And we hope that the incentives for stakers who do not win an IDO allocation will help us do that.

What’s Next?

We started 2021 with some really amazing news and by hitting huge milestones. We look forward to keep pushing our boundaries and bringing the best projects to you and to the entire crypto community.

Besides, we will soon share the full details of our second IDO project and the staking times.

Stay tuned and keep supporting Poolz.

Truly yours,

The Poolz Team.

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