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Brand Publishing Benchmark Examples 2022

It’s well understood that content marketing is a valuable strategy for audience and client acquisition. But there’s an emerging trend of brands actually establishing their own media, either acquiring, investing in or launching a print or digital publication.

And it’s easy to see why…

  • Create brand awareness and support acquisition of new audiences
  • Educate audiences, positioning themselves as experts
  • Collect first-party data to understand audiences
  • Build credibility and trust, developing close, lasting relationships with users to increase CLTV
  • Provide a service
  • And, ultimately, generate sales and increase revenues

The benefits of a brand publishing strategy are clear, but how are brands achieving this transition? What do some of the most successful brand publishers have in common?

In this article, we benchmark 7 brand publishers, looking at what they’ve done well and how they’re maximizing the potential of this strategy.

  • The Red Bulletin” by Red Bull — engagement through a variety of formats
  • Metropolitan” by Eurostar — a focus on retention and bettering a customer’s travel experience
  • Welcome to the Jungle — lead generation, expertise and community building
  • The Hustle by Hubspot — brand acquiring a publisher for marketing strategies
  • Tablespoon” by General Mills — additional value provided to registered users
  • Makeup.com” by L’Oreal — expertise and data collection
  • Here Magazine” by Away

The Red Bulletin, by Red Bull

The Red Bull brand is well recognized for their campaigns and events, going ‘above-and-beyond’ the average marketing strategy. In 2005, they took this a step further by launching The Red Bulletin, an active lifestyle magazine featuring sports, culture, music and adventure stories in both print and digital, that could very easily stand alone as a world-class publication without the brand behind it.

The high quality content is accompanied by UX features that encourage interaction and de-anonymization, developing closer, stronger relationships with readers. For instance, visitors can save content via a button at the end of articles which, when clicked on, requires a user to create an account.

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