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Brand Publishing — the trend of brands becoming publishers

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Across the world, a trend is developing where brands are following in publisher’s footsteps to benefit from the power of content…

2017, Stripe acquired Indie Hackers

2019, Robinhood took over MarketSnacks and Digital Ocean acquired Scotch.io

2021, Zapier acquired Makerpad, and Hubspot acquired The Hustle

And it’s not only acquisitions, brands are also launching their own media independently…

Makeup.com by L’Oreal

Red Bull have their Red Bulletin

Away (the luggage brand) publish Here magazine

General Mills launched Tablespoon.com

And Welcome to the Jungle now publish content on life at work

So, what’s happening? Why is brand publishing growing in popularity? And how can brands succeed in the publishing industry?

How are brands becoming publishers?

There are 3 potential pathways from brand to publisher…

  • A brand purchasing an existing media (such as Hubspot acquiring The Hustle)
  • Equity investment (like Penn National Gaming initially did with Barstool Sports)
  • Developing content independently (the approach taken by Red Bull)

In all cases, the move to becoming a publisher often starts with traditional content marketing that gets noticed for having more potential than simple marketing, combined with a desire to better understand and engage with customers.

This transition from content marketing to brand publishing means moving away from campaign mentality, talking about the product, to instead focussing on developing customer relationships, providing information that appeals to customer’s interests and needs, whether it be through a digital or print publication.

Why are increasingly more brands turning to publishing?

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