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Combine Audience Engagement with Conversion at Every Step of the User Journey.

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Poool, the Audience Conversion Specialists, and Qualifio, the data collection & interactive marketing solution, came together to work through the user journey towards subscription, providing adapted engagement and conversion strategies to employ at every step.

This article works through one of the main objectives for digital publishers, namely optimizing the conversion funnel — attracting new audiences and moving these users through the funnel toward being a paying, profitable subscriber.

Combining Qualifio and Poool is about finding the balance between engagement and frustration that’s essential for high conversion rates.

Too much frustration (caused by blocking content with a wall) and your user will turn away and find content elsewhere.

Whilst leaving too much content open may well increase engagement but won’t monetize your content…

Which is why we’re here with an engagement funnel that finds the perfect slots to gradually convert your visitor into a consented lead, member and then subscriber.

Step 1: Attract audiences and collect compliant consent

Quality content will attract audiences to your site, but adding interactional formats encourages these visitors to stay for longer, reducing bounce rates and increasing the chances that they return on a frequent basis.

For instance, NGroup, a group of Belgian radio broadcasters, made use of interactive content during Covid when radio became less popular. The goal was to both generate traffic and collect quality data to inform their strategy.

NRJ created quizzes around TF1’s streaming of the Harry Potter sagas, which attracted 670,000 participants (out of the 4 million French speaking Belgian potential participants).

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