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Engagement data & conversion strategies to increase revenue

Poool came together with Chartbeat to build on our white paper to provide engagement data and conversion strategies to sustainably increase reader revenue.

On the agenda:

  • Quantifying the loyalty journey, including audience segmentation and content attribution models
  • Monetizing conversion events, specifically how to gradually increase ARPU over time
  • Adapting user experiences, such as on mobile vs desktop
  • Key takeaways

1) Quantify the loyalty journey based on behavior and consumption

The different methodologies for measuring engagement can be based on either user behavior or consumption.

Behavior: engagement with your site

Poool recommends segmenting audiences based on a user’s level of engagement, calculated through combining 3 key behavioral metrics -

  • Recency: The number of days since a user last visited
  • Frequency: The number of days a user has visited within a given time period
  • Volume: The amount of content consumed/interactions (i.e. the quality of their visit)

This metric can be tracked globally and put into practice in defining user engagement segments. In the Poool Dashboard, this means 4 groups: Volatiles, Occasionals, regulars and Fans (although we can add on registered members).

Why is this methodology valuable?

Because audience conversion (and making your reading revenue strategy a success) comes down to balancing frustration and engagement.

Engagement is great, and you should always seek to increase engagement, but this isn’t how you monetize your audience.

Whilst too much frustration (caused by blocking content) will make a user leave and find content elsewhere. However, it’s this perfect amount of frustration that’s needed to encourage a user to click through the wall and convert.

The data below gives a benchmark idea of our segmentation, taken from a study of 42 French publishers.

The main interesting point to note is the size of your least engaged audience group, who make up 88.9% of users in this data.

Given that conversion ultimately comes down to perfecting the balance of frustration and engagement, this means that the large majority of your audience are highly unlikely to subscribe if faced with a paywall…

Find the full story and download the replay and slides on the Poool blog



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Madeleine White

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