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An amateur’s advice to internet media sites

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Ever been browsing through an online journal and been limited to reading only a few articles? Or followed a link to a newspaper website only to be stopped in your tracks due to not paying for a subscription? Or, even worse, been half way through reading before being cut off?

If so, let me introduce, the paywall.

This word may seem unfamiliar to you, as admittedly it was to me until recently, but we’ve all come across them before.

This sturdy structure will stand in your way of reading online articles unless you continue to feed it with money every month — and why would you want to make this kind of commitment to only one website?

So, what do we, as readers, do?

Well, when we’re faced with this wall, we don’t have many options. Subscribe or not. There’s no way to do this half-heartedly.

For the majority of us, and, may I add, in a typically modern-day attitude, we choose to leave the site and look for our information elsewhere — why pay when we could get it for free?

I don’t know about you, but this paywall malarkey seems pretty ineffective to me…

However, perhaps there’s two sides to this wall -

What we’ve mainly seen until today is how-not-to-paywall.

Lack of choices. No personnalisation. And a damn-hard-to-move wall.

Ultimately, for the media, this means the revenue received from subscriptions is limited.

But what’s on the other side?

How should a site use a paywall to make sure it’s actually effective?

What’s needed is a refresh. The same concept but brought up-to-date to fit with the modern digital media consumer.

This is where I introduce Poool.

Poool know how-to-paywall.

Poool recognises the potential of paywalls.

Poool understands the needs of both the media and the reader.

So, what’s the trick?

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