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The Registration Tool Kit.

From inspiration and best practices to becoming data-driven, launching and optimizing, this tool kit will provide you with EVERYTHING needed to make your registration wall and strategy a success!

On offer: articles, white papers, webinars and more to support you at every stage!

Above all, you’ll need a simple but effective solution to get your registration strategy on the road with a registration wall! Well, Poool’s here for you!

Our Dashboard puts your marketing team back in control to drive your strategy forever, without ever having to call on the tech team for support. Segment your audience, build user journeys for each using our ready-made but fully personalizable wall options, carry out endless A/B tests with ease, analyze results and make changes in minutes.

👉 Tech integration in a matter of days

👉 Launch in less than a month

👉 ROI in under 90 days

Interested in finding out how Poool can help you become data-driven, solve the challenge of the cookieless future and increase you ARPU? Book a free demo and discover the Dashboard for yourself!

Just with any project, it’s always a good idea to look around the industry and see what others are doing before getting started.

To save you some time and effort, we’ve done this for you!

Over the course of a few weeks, we analyzed the registration wall journey of 11 content producers, discovering best practices, optimal registration journeys and walls for you to ensure your strategy is just as successful! Including Pinterest, the New York Times, MyTF1 and more…

We also have this article providing 7 examples of registration walls:

Part of the value of a registration wall strategy is that you de-anonymize your users by converting them into members, allowing for first-party data collection and the potential of shifting to an almost entirely owned data strategy.

This strategy can help solve the majority of challenges faced by digital publishers today, including that of the cookieless future. Despite the end of 3rd-party cookies, you’ll be able to collect owned, high quality data from your users, respecting their privacy whilst equally being able to understand their behavior, informing decision-making and marketing campaigns.

The value from employing a registration strategy (namely first-party data and single user IDs) should therefore be maximized to fully reap in these benefits.

Discover how you can employ a first-party data strategy with a registration wall in our 2-part white paper:

We’d also recommend a webinar held with BeOp on how employing a first-party data strategy is the solution to a multitude of challenges.

The launch, in itself, requires a few individual steps that will help to make your strategy a success. These can be summarized in our white paper “How to Launch a Registration Wall Strategy”:

Firstly, it’s essential to define your value proposition, ensuring that users will be pursuaded to partake in your value exchange (i.e. pass through the registration wall).

The next step is to settle on what value you’re providing to users in exchange for registration, for example exclusive content, newsletters, UX features such as the ability to save content for later or leave comments. This is discussed in part 2 of the “How to Launch a Registration Wall Strategy” white paper linked above.

One of the options here is to provide a member-only newsletter, a brilliant way to offer value in exchange for registration whilst also increasing user engagement, which directly correlates to reader revenue through encouraging higher frequency and volume of content consumption.

Discover more in our article about the newsletter comeback and habit forming:

And, finally, the construction of your user’s journey towards becoming a member. This white paper works through every step in the funnel to provide you with examples, best practices and insights from some of the most successful publishers employing this strategy.

Considering the importance of engagement as a metric, one that directly correlates with revenue, Poool recently named it as our North Star KPI for digital publishers and something that we’d recommend tracking and working hard to improve.

We equally have a white paper discussing how to increase engagement, proving useful for not only converting visitors into members but also for retaining them and potentially pursuading them to subscribe.

This will allow you to lead your users along a journey of gradually becoming more and more engaged, yielding an increasingly higher ARPU.

Constantly working on optimizating your strategy means higher conversion rates, retained members and long-term growth.

A/B testing is your best friend at this stage. It’s an extremely user-friendly optimization method for you to directly compare two alternative copys, scenarios or designs to discover which one brings the highest conversion rates.

Optimizing should also mean focussing on retention, securing your users as engaged members (and potentially subscribers) in the long-term. Ultimately, the longer that each member is retained, the higher your ARPU.



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