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Wipies NFT Auction Announcement & NFT Airdrop Details

THE announcement everyone has been waiting for. Wipies it the biggest collection of digital toilet paper on the blockchain. Each one of the 10,000 Wipies is as special as the next, but some Wipies are rarer than the others. Wipies come in different rarities ranging from the ultra-rare ‘Artifact’ to the common ‘Unusual’ Wipies. The rarer the attributes, the rarer your Wipies will be!

Here is the information regarding our website, airdrop, blockchain, mint price, and channel updates!

Launch Date

If all goes as planned, we will be launching on the 13th of November 2021. We may have to change the date since we want the most comforting and efficient drop possible!


Due the amount of requests we have received and question for the ability to trade NFT’s on OpenSea, Wipies will be using the Polygon blockchain. By using Polygon we give more people the ability to join the Poopies community while keeping the gas costs low.

Mint price

In the Wipies NFT Dutch Auction, the price of an NFT starts at an initial price of 1000 MATIC (ceiling) and drops by a fixed amount periodically (during a period of 7 days) until it hits the lowest price and reaches 10 MATIC (the resting price). This means minting begins with a high asking price that decreases over time until the project hits its resting price or is sold out.

Why is this so? Because, despite our generative collection, we take great care to make each of the Wipies unique and of excellent quality. We will do all necessary to provide a fair and enjoyable drop! But, with so much to choose from, we’ll have to make a decision.


All of the owners of Poopies which have had one of the Poopies in their wallet from the 21st of October will receive one of the Wipies. They will be instantly tradeable via the OpenSea marketplace from the start of the auction happening on the 13th of November.

How to use the Polygon blockchain
Whenever you are using the Polygon blockchain for the first time, it’s time to get educated. Follow this easy tutorial on how to add Polygon to your Metamask; https://youtu.be/LAv_wpDVLlM

Trading Wipies on OpenSea
When you are trying to buy one of the unrevealed Wipies on OpenSea always double check if the NFT is unrevealed by doing the following; Click on “REFRESH METADATA” at the Wipies #[number] page and wait for few moments. If you see more properties are popping up, then this means this Wipie is already revealed. In some cases the images can be cached and it could take some extra minutes to update.

Trade the official Wipies collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/wipies



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