Feminists Claim 2016 Election “PTSD” Affecting Midterm Votes

A study found that 25% of college students had “clinically significant distress” from the 2016 election.

Jack Reidy
Nov 7, 2018 · 3 min read

Vivian Ho in San Francisco writes:

Two years ago, after I cast my ballot at my local San Francisco polling station, a middle-aged woman I had never met before flashed me a warm smile. “We’re making history today,” she said.”

“Some women have taken to describing the emotions that accompany their return to the ballot as “PTSD”, a tongue-in-cheek reference to feeling traumatized by the whiplash they experienced on election day in 2016. (It goes without saying that post-traumatic stress disorder is actually an official and serious diagnosis.)”

The Guardian is sending absolute mixed signals. On the one hand, journalists know how absurd and insulting to those such as veterans and victims (who are genuinely suffering PTSD) the entire idea sounds. That is why they attempt to minimise their claim as just a funny ha ha joke;

But this is completely dispelled in the subsequent paragraph where Ms Ho provides evidence in the form of a University study

“Last month, a San Francisco State University study found that 25%of college students surveyed had “clinically significant event-related distress” because of the 2016 election, not least women.”

As usual, the left has absolutely no way to appeal to voters except by wrapping their hopes and dreams in victimhood narrative. Also as usual, most of The Left’s Coverage involves shilling for celebrities-turned-activists such as Alyssa Milano, John Legend and Kristen Bell. Destroy Capitalism and vivá the democratic process am I right fellow billionaires???

They and other members of the Blue Check Mark Brigade, all of whom were laughably wrong in 2016 and have proven consistently that they know almost nothing about American Electoral Politics or Metapolitics, continue to be the left’s paragons of Hope and Change[TM].

ABC, CBS, C-Span and PBS all “plan to broadcast live coverage”, CNN and MSNBC will have “gurus … poring over maps of the US”, while the evil and nefarious Fox News will “boast” its’ coverage, according to the very fair-minded experts over at The Guardian.

Polls in various states are now closed and votes are being counted. It is unlikely the final results will be clear until early Wednesday morning North American time.

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Originally published at popandlocke.net on November 7, 2018.

Pop and Locke

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Jack Reidy

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Pop and Locke

Dissident-Right Philosophy, Cultural and Political Commentary // News, Analysis, Opinion and Reviews // www.popandlocke.net

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