His wife even had to intervene.

Jack Reidy
Sep 8, 2018 · 4 min read

Many have speculated as to what kind of ideological possession would bring someone to vote for The Australian Greens.

It turns out, it’s the same thing that would cause someone to take extreme offence at a man for describing his OWN WIFE as ‘hot’; postmodern neo-marxism.

Adam Bandt, acting Deputy Leader of The Greens, sought to make a playful post about a date with his wife:

(Below is a screenshotted version in case the original post is ever deleted out of how embarassing it is for progressivism)

His followers did not see this sentiment the same way he did:

His wife even had to intervene on the two minutes hate for this white patriarchal male and pretend the caption wasn’t referring to her physical appearance.

Look, she even has a profile picture reinforcing the extremely harmful and dangerous stereotype that women have biological motherhood instincts:

What an absolute Nazi.

As a side note, some in the comments were pointing out that ‘hot wife’ actually has a more specific definition pertaining to cuckoldry. He probably didn’t mean it that way, but who could be sure since the fetish is rapidly growing (and I have my own crackpot theory that it’s linked to Marxism since it’s basically Marxism applied to sex).

Bandt has previously been shamed by his own constituents into publicly apologising for using the term ’nuff-nuff’ in a speech. He prefaced this by pretending he had no idea, saying he thought he’d made the term up (which makes no sense; why would you use it in a speech if nobody else would know what it means?). He promised to organise training (presumably at the taxpayer’s expense) to learn more about “harmful words”.

Every ‘progressive’ that doesn’t already, should know this: this is exactly how the left will always treat you. The entire modern form of the progressive ideology is based on mandatory conformity to a top-down philosophy of social engineering that, like the Marxist theory on which it is based, is profoundly anti-human.

There is no amount of worshipping at the sacred cows of climate alarmism, taxing the productive, calling everyone to the right of Trotsky a Nazi, or suppressing your basic human passion for your own spouse that can absolve you of the original sins of being straight and male.

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Pop and Locke

Dissident-Right Philosophy, Cultural and Political Commentary // News, Analysis, Opinion and Reviews // www.popandlocke.net

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