Your Hero is Probably an Asshole

Jack Dunn
Jack Dunn
Jun 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Almost a fortnight ago the death of rapper Xxxtentacion was the catalyst for debate on my very own Facebook page. The topic causing the divide related to another death which has featured heavily in recent Australian media regarding the murder of Eurydice Dixon.

Originally known as Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, before his untimely death the rapper had been arrested and charged for domestic violence abuse of his then pregnant girlfriend. Eurydice Dixon’s death was the cause of similarly abhorrent behaviour. Now it must be noted that the death of a person in any context not of natural causes is deeply saddening for anyone who has a direct or indirect connection with that particular person. However, the issue at hand is that as a society, we worship and admire people who do despicable things and are abhorrent humans.

Because they have a particularly rare skill set, position of power, status, or a particular talent they are absconded from the repercussions of their actions. It could be argued by the rapper’s fans that we should only admire the art and not the artist. But what lesson does this perpetuate? That if you are good enough at something, it absolves you from the conscience of being a decent human or that you can disregard the laws in place to ensure that we as a collective can live without fear of harm and danger?

Too many times we have continued to be engulfed by regrettable behaviours and actions of our favourite musicians, TV personalities, athletes, politicians, and celebrities creating headlines for the wrong reasons, yet it simply seems they are above the threshold of the average person when facing consequence or repercussion. This issue is not just related to just domestic violence, however perpetuating the issue of domestic violence demonstrates how badly we fail as a society when the chosen few can continue to prosper and be successful in comparison to those who commit crimes of similar nature that aren’t in the limelight.

We all are guilty of supporting someone we idolise or worship; continuing to buy their album, story, from their clothing brand, or pay per view event yet we know deep down that what these people have done in recent times or in the public eye is far from justified in the sum of the funds we gleefully line their pockets with.

By all means I’m not saying that we should completely dismiss people in the public eye because of previous indiscretions, errors of judgement, or past events. Learning from ones mistakes is essential in becoming a better person. But the person has to make an effort to change; otherwise, what are we rewarding?

Although your hero may have qualities better than those of the Average Joe, for which you admire them, this is not and never will be satisfactory criteria to be a cunt of a human being or even to think that it is acceptable to live by a fictitious rule set which happens to not apply to you and I.

If there’s one thing I wish you get out of this rant it is that you need to be willing to accept that your hero is most likely an asshole and if they have done something as depraved as this, you need to hold them the fuck accountable for their actions. Don’t simply pick and choose when and who you hold accountable for reprehensible behaviour. It doesn’t mean you need to boycott people for every little thing they do that you disagree with or would do differently. But we as a society have a massive blind spot we must become more aware of.

Like it or not, if the allegations regarding Xxxtentacion were true; you are a hypocrite if you aren’t calling him out for the same kind of behaviour which ultimately took the life of Eurydice Dixon.

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Jack Dunn

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Jack Dunn

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Dissident-Right Philosophy, Cultural and Political Commentary // News, Analysis, Opinion and Reviews //

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