Dark Theory Kills Beloved Full House Character

Would they really do that?

Edward Anderson
Jan 2 · 3 min read
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“Whatever happened to possibility?” You see those words and instantly the theme song from Full House and Fuller House. Cute family shows about cute families. Storylines are usually light and fluffy.

A closer look at the premise of the shows make the argument that they are not afraid to go with darker storylines. Both shows start with the death of the main characters spouses.

Michelle Tanner is dead. Those are the words some Fuller House fans are spreading around the internet. As of right now, there is no cause of the alleged death. Give it time.

Would the show actually kill one of the Tanners? They probably would. The franchise kicked off with Full House’s Danny Tanner’s wife Pamela being killed off. Leaving him a widower and father of three girls. The continuation, Fuller House’s DJ Fuller’s husband Tommy being killed off. In both cases, family and friends moved into the house to help with the children.

According to those who buy into the theory, Fuller House is littered with evidence of Michelle’s death. From the fourth wall breaking jokes to throwaway lines.

“It’s nice to have three daughters again.”

That Danny Tanner line drove the theory into the mainstream. Almost every analysis of it ends with the same fate for Michelle Tanner: death. Some argue that it is a one-liner in a show full of them. That is a fallacy. Fuller House has always relied more on physical and visual comedy rather than clever dialogue.

Next up proving the theory is more dialogue. Whenever Michelle is referenced on Fuller House, it is in the past tense. The exception to this rule is in the pilot episode, during a fourth-wall-breaking joke that she is busy running her fashion empire in NYC. After that, the fashion empire jokes fall squarely to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the original actresses who played Michelle.

Skeptics of the theory argue that on the eve of Kimmy’s first wedding to Fernando, the “she-wolf” pack calls Michelle. Most ignore the fact that she didn’t pick up the phone, and the Fuller House characters left a voicemail. Which was never returned on air.

Likewise, even after the birth of her sister’s first child, there was nothing from Michelle. Stephanie went many years believing she could not have a child, so this was an even bigger deal than normal. And yet nothing.

And nothing seemed to be expected from the youngest Tanner.

With Fuller House coming to an end, some think there could be another extension to the franchise. This time the show would start with Michelle’s death and her kids going to live with one of her sisters. Or possibly one of her uncles, since Jesse will likely be a single parent soon he would seem to be the most likely. Add to that the fact that John Stamos is a producer on the franchise and viola, a new theory is born.

Another more interesting theory is that Michelle is so estranged from the family that they just talk about her as if she were dead. This flies in the face of everything we know about the Tanners. However, it would make for an interesting twist and perhaps lead to a dark dramedy for the new HBO Max streaming service heading our way.

There is a chance Fuller House will address the Michelle situation in one of the final nine episodes that are slated to debut this year. Here’s hoping they do.

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