March for Womens Day

Katherine Murillo

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Los Angeles on International Womens Day to celebrate, protest and show solidarity with women’s issues. Organized by AF3IRM and Ovarian Psyco-Cycles, the event attracted a diversity of participants, ranging from groups rallying against domestic violence to immigrants seeking gender and sexual equality here and back home. Katherine Murillo collected this mosaic of voices.

Rochelle thinks our society should be based on the foundation of gender equality
Maricruz andAllison’s signs represent different women who have disappeared in different countries
Clara is here to fight for women’s rights and for all women to be liberated
Fatima and liana are here alongside all marginalized groups who need their voices to be heard
Pat is here with Fems to celebrate womyn hood and take space where we deserve
Rosa and Eliseo are here to represent #kiwa and to represent the cause
Genesis is here with @globalgirlmedia to make a documentary and is here because WHY NOT!?
Vanessa is here as a woman of color to represent a new vision that supports equality for all gender/people
Gabriel wears this shirt to smash patriarchy and represent the trans community/women
Heidy, Amye, Lora are here for #justiceformysister and to bring attention to domestic violence
Evelyn came at the last minute because it sounded like a good cause. Being a gay/Mexican/woman, she supports civil rights
#justiceformysister fighting against domestic violence
Ruth is here because this is the place to be
Nancy is here to fight for the rights of our own bodies, against police brutality and for Mother Earth
Alejandro believes in equal rights and supports people from El Salvador who don’t have them
Tina is here to support gains women have made and support even more gains we have to make
Elizabeth is here to celebrate the struggles women face
Charles was a feminist before he met his wife, but she made him even more of a feminist
The #revolutionclub is here to represent the end of all oppression
Rene & @wanderjill feel it’s important to be here to bring attention to women’s issues
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