My thoughts about POP UP workspaces

Hey, my name is Aino, and I am working in this pop up research project as a user experience designer. Pop up phenomenon seems to be much wider as I initially thought! I was only aware of pop up restaurants and shops prior to this project, but there are also businesses to find and hire pop up spaces for different purposes (office, retail, meeting etc.), and even a research method called pop up. So, it seems that “to pop up” is really hot stuff at the moment. In our project, we will concentrate on pop up workspaces. My personal, hidden (please, don’t tell anybody) agenda is to change the working culture of sedentary knowledge work. To make it more active, to decrease sitting, to make it flow! Who knows, perhaps the pop up workspaces will change the world a bit, and make us healthier and happier!

What thoughts come to your mind when you hear the word “pop up workspace”? For me it reminds of a totally new kind of workspace. It is a place to meet people. It is easy to access and walk in. It has the feeling of equality between all comers. It is a “warm-hearted” place with comfy materials and big round table around which everybody can sit and talk freely, without any hierarchies between people. It is almost like a nice and small cottage with a fireplace and wooden stuff. It is mentally far away from the traditional office rooms and meeting rooms! Additionally, the new workspace has in-built elements for the visitors to become physically more active, it inspires me and the others to have activity together, and not to sit all day long. It also takes care of my peace of mind.

To get more understanding of the potentials of the pop up workspace design, there will be participatory design studies arranged around the topic in the near future! Will tell you more about that later! Bye now!

Cheers, Aino

Ps. How could you add more physical activity to your workday? What would increase your peace of mind? Please tell me.

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