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[POPstory 4] Vice President Lim “Our biggest profit was candid conversations with important industry professionals”

Jul 19, 2018 · 5 min read

The Beyond Blocks Summit 2018 was held for two days from July 17th to 18th at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

In addition to the second floor, where the main session was, even the first floor was completely full of people. You could barely hear the person standing right next to you. The approximately 2,000 blockchain professionals who braved the heat to attend the conference went to and fro to different events amidst the chaos to gather information and to network.

From the POPCHAIN Foundation, our Vice President, Jin Lim, and Head of Business, David Lee, attended the official conference. As there were many important blockchain professionals present, our foundation also prepared thoroughly for the occasion.

Jin Lim, Vice President of the POPCHAIN Foundation, before the Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul, held at the Shilla Hotel

The first person we met was Michael Arrington (pictured below). He is the founder of the tech publication TechCrunch, and was on the Times 100 list in 2008. Currently, he is a partner at Arrington XRP Capital, a cryptocurrency asset investment hedge fund. Arrington, a Stanford Law alumnus, has also worked as a securities lawyer in the past.

Michael Arrington (right), partner at Arrington XRP Capital, cryptocurrency asset investment hedge fund, with Lim (left)

After exchanging greetings with Lim, Arrington discussed the North American cryptocurrency market with him. As mentioned in a previous article, the POPCHAIN Foundation has been discussing expansions to North America with multiple companies since mid-June with David Lee, Head of Business, at the helm.

Lim also amicably greeted Dovey Wan (pictured below), who, with a Masters from Carnegie Mellon in Information System, serves as the Super Voting Member for Token Listing at Huobi Global, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Dovey Wan (left), executive director of Danhua Capital, with Lim (right)

As the Super Voting Member for Token Listing at Huobi, she acts as the Super Node to vote on new token listing candidates at Huobi Pro and the Huobi token listing exchange. She also leads the Zcash ecosystem investors’ group, and is an advisor at the aforementioned Arrington XRP Capital.

Wan, who exchanged opinions about the POPCHAIN Project with Lim, is the executive director at Danhua Capital, which is a venture capital firm based in California with $840 million in assets.

Danhua Capital invested in robotics, big data, AI, and VR since 2013, and is recently emerging as an early investor in blockchain projects such as NEO, Zilliqua, Aelf, and Ontology. The combined net worth of these four blockchain companies that Danhua Capital invests in is over $1.2 billion.

Erica Kang, the CEO of KryptoSeoul and an advisor at the Korea Blockchain Association, also expressed interest in the POPCHAIN Project.

When she met Lim (picture below) after her speech, she greeted him first, saying “I’ve been hearing a lot about POPCHAIN. It’s such a pleasure to meet you here.” Kang, who received her Master’s Degree in International Policy from Stanford, exchanged recent news and information about the Korean blockchain industry with Lim.

Erica Kang (left), CEO of KryptoSeoul, with Lim (right)

Jonathan Ha, the CEO of Red Pulse, a financial economic market research analysis service platform, frequently crosses paths with the POPCHAIN Team. Ha is a fintech expert who has a BSE in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Jonathan Ha (right), CEO of Red Pulse, with Lim (left)

The speakers at this conference included the CEOs of many large venture capital firms. Our foundation believes that networking with these figures will greatly help our project’s progress in the future.

Lim met with David Lee, a partner at Refactor Capital. Lee, who has a Bachelor’s Degree from Johns Hopkins in Physics and Math, and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, started his career at Google (multimedia business development). As someone who did multimedia development at Google, he empathized with the necessity and timeliness of POPCHAIN.

David Lee, a partner at Refactor Capital who spoke at this conference, with Lim

In addition to David Lee, Lim talked to John Fiorelli, the CEO of Kenetic Capital (pictured below), and Joshua Ho, the CEO of QCP Capital (pictured below), exchanging information about blockchain investment.

Lim (right), and David Lee, Head of Business (left), with John Fiorelli (center), CEO of Kenetic Capital and a speaker at this conference
Lim and Joshua Ho, co-founder of QCP Capital and a speaker at this conference, after exchanging greetings

We can’t leave out the VIP afterparties that took place after the conference. They took place at L7 in Myeongdong on the 17th and at the Kunsthalle in Nonhyun on the 18th. Will Son, the CEO of the POPCHAIN Foundation, was in attendance (pictured below).

Will Son, CEO of the POPCHAIN Foundation (right), Lim (center), Lee (left) at the VIP after party at the L7 Hotel in Myeongdong on the night of the 17th

The afterparties are no less important than the main conference. Since they are unofficial events, we could talk candidly about the blockchain industry with VIPs. Our foundation took this opportunity to quickly build a network with important blockchain industry professionals. The things we talked about there are confidential for now; we will announce on Medium if/when any of those conversations become official business.

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