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PopcornDAO x BanklessDAO

On a Mission Together

PopcornDAO is excited to announce that we are now a partner of BanklessDAO, one of the most respected and active projects in the DeFi and DAO sector as well as trailblazers in the ‘Bankless Movement’ that sits at the heart of DeFi.

BanklessDAO’s mission is to ‘help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralised financial technologies through education, media, and culture.’ This mission, driven by their extensive and engaged community, made a PopcornDAO-BanklessDAO partnership a no-brainer. The Popcorn community agreed and the proposal passed with 98.73% of voters voting yes.

Greater than the Sum of our Parts

When Popcorn is considering a partnership, we approach it through the lens of our purpose, goals, and values, looking for the potential alignments and synergies of our respective initiatives. Alignments ensure we are heading in the same direction, while synergies mean that we could do more together than we could on our own.

We then look at the different types of collaboration that a partnership could foster, with each type of collaboration again being measured against Popcorn’s purpose, goals, and values. When we feel there’s a good match along all these lines, we move forwards.

Taking Popcorn’s goals, for example; here, BanklessDAO’s mission and vision are aligned with every one of our goals! (Jump into its Mission, Vision, and Values here).

On a Mission, Together

To kick-start this partnership, BanklessDAO is working alongside PopcornDAO and Olympus Give (read more about our partnership with Olympus Give here) to produce an educational and media package that will promote what lies at the very core of all three initiatives: a new kind of DeFi, focused on creating real-world social impact.


It’s All About the Giving

Through this three-way collaboration, we intend to highlight how Olympus token holders can easily direct some of their yield towards the Olympus Give cohort 1 recipients, why PopcornDAO was chosen to join their first cohort, and the wider implications of social impact-focused DeFi and crypto-communities.


With projects such as Gitcoin and Kolektivo, Angel Protocol, and ImpactMarket alongside us as Olympus Give recipients, we’re proud to be part of this new type of DeFi and grateful for this opportunity to work with a DeFi media giant like BanklessDAO.

When organisations like ours come together for the greater good, it’s truly ‘up only.

Join PopcornDAO to participate in DeFi products making real-world social impact! Website| Discord | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

Thank you Will for the thoughtful and impactful editing.



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