Pop Culture Mondays/3.7.22




  • The baby she refers to as “losing” was actually due to her having an abortion due to her own choice. This is totally hard and emotional but she graphically lays out what it was like losing this child, misleading her audience into thinking she had a miscarriage.
  • She shows texts between her and Lance which she believes will show her proof but all it shows is she texted him a LOT and he rarely responded and if he did was very curt and formal.
  • She claims he talked about being polyamorous but she said she was only interested in an exclusive relationship. She took his non-response to that convo as CONSENT so she bought herself (that’s key) a plane ticket to go see him. She claims she then had UNPROTECTED sex with him because she believed they were exclusive ONLY to learn that he was seeing other people after the fact.
  • She then accuses him of SA (sexual assault) because she labels this “UNINFORMED CONSENT” which has set off a million comments and TikToks dividing the community as some believe this is a criminal offense and warrants JAIL. Some feel this is actual RAPE because he lied to her about sleeping with other people. She opted to NOT use a condom and went on in another video saying she could be pregnant or have an STD as a result.

You knew, Lance. YOU FUCKING KNEW!!!


  • The Olds (us) got a little viral moment this week thanks to “WHEEL OF FORTUNE” and this unfortunate contestant who could not for the life of her figure out this common phrase. She proceeded to get roasted online. Here is the clip:
  • Our beloved Dua Lipa is being sued by a band saying her hit song “Levitating” is a direct rip-off of the band Artikal Sound System’s song…what do you think?
  • If you are a parent of a teen on TikTok who uses curling irons or hair straighteners, this will not be unfamiliar to you but for the rest of us…there is a whole trend on TikTok about how the anxiety around not unplugging these things which could then burn your house down…is very real. SO it’s a huge trend in people making these sorts of videos:
  • OK, content. So…I have to go on a little rant. We have a lot happening as “INVENTING ANNA”, “SUPER PUMPED”, and “THE DROP OUT” are all out now. These are ripped from the headline stories about real people and businesses that real reporters have written articles or books about, have done podcasts on and so forth, and have all now been made into SERIES.
  • I really like Randi Zuckerberg. She is so lovely and so kind and creative and theatrical. She dances to her own drummer. But sometimes those go in a direction that was PROBABLY not the intention like her latest video trying to get more women into Web3 and crypto. I only post this because it dominated tech Twitter this past week and not in the best of ways. BUT again, her intentions are good!
  • JUST a BABY trend on TikTok….here are a couple of examples:
  • This guy is a national treasure:
  • AND lastly, a shout out to the amazing Stephanie Ruhle who started last week anchoring “The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle” on MSNBC every Monday-Friday at 11 PM. It’s such a joy to see her and she has such an empathetic approach to her interviews around Ukraine, I cannot tell you how impressive it is. And she guest hosted PIVOT pod with Kara Swisher last week and it was awesome and I was very surprised and delighted to be name-checked for no other reason than I am their source for all things TikTok. Give it a listen:

THAT IS IT my darling pop culture junkies…



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