Pop Culture Mondays/4.25.22

The “MEGA PINT” Edition

Well, HAPPY Monday my pop culture junkies. Our last Monday in April. My last Monday being 47 but it’s fine, it’s fine, I am fine totally fine…like I am TOTALLY fine with it. 👀

BUT LET’S move on.

Another week, another ELON moment but this is OLD news by now. What was once, long ago (aka 2 weeks ago), considered to be a joke and an impossible notion is NOW looking to be very real and that is Elon is getting himself a Twitter. Well, like the whole of Twitter. Another trophy for his bookcase. And there are all these people tweeting about how they will leave Twitter if that happens and I am like OK guys take a breath. Let’s just see what happens.

His most recent tweet today about it seems hopeful:

I am HOPEFUL that he has great things in store vs shutting it all down like the Discovery execs did of CNN+ barely 3 weeks into its launch which makes ZERO sense BTW but what do I know. I was excited for a different news experience and for my friends who had shows and their content but we cannot have nice things so that’s that. BUT this is not a media newsletter…this is a POP CULTURE one and we have LOTS to get to. If you missed last week’s POD…it is a good one so please give it a listen! AND ELON YOU SHOULD COME ON ONE DAY. 🥳🤷🏼‍♀️😍

And welcome to my new subscribers. This is a pop culture newsletter where we look at what’s trending on the socials and other viral moments so that you can relate to your kids, your colleagues, your friends, and your dog. SO grab headphones and enjoy.


It continues…


We have dug into this trial in the last couple of newsletters but it continues to dominate much of the socials and different aspects of it have become part of the zeitgeist so here we are. Again. But we have even more moments to showcase and as this newsletter is titled THE MEGAPINT Edition, let me explain.

This trial is being broadcast live on TV. Yet TikTok is where I have seen it unfold and if my FYP is ANY indication, the TikTok world is primarily on TEAM JOHNNY. There was also a report that showed some 11% of Twitter accounts participating in the convo around this trial are INAUTHENTIC and a majority of THOSE are in support of Miss Heard. Whereas most AUTHENTIC accounts are in support of Mr. Depp. AND AGAIN, an Elon tie-in. Elon who had once dated Miss Heard and has been shown to have had SOME sort of relationship with her prior to her divorce has said he would get rid of bots on Twitter and THAT is something I am here for. BUT I digress…

TikTok has been brilliant in highlighting some of the more memorable moments of this trial and helped turn some into memes. AND YES, let me say this…this is a sad sad situation where both parties are claiming abuse and both have had their most embarrassing and raw moments displayed for the world to see and this is NOT ENTERTAINMENT…it’s become that for many. I am just here to showcase how…

So let’s start with the MEGA PINT…

AND A meme was born:

And while this is sort of dark and gallows humor if you will, the compilation of moments that have captivated the “audience” and apparently the court is a good one to see:

Mainstream media has been following all of this too and a thing that started popping up on TikTok the other week was how Miss Heard seemed to be copying Mr. Depp’s fashion the day after(I feel like a lawyer now that’s why I am calling them this..) It is highlighted here:


Now it is not all rosy for Mr. Depp as some of his texts were pretty gruesome and hard to wrap your head around:

So THIS is where we are. There are SO many other TikToks with audio of the two of them each secretly recorded at one time and it’s all so ICK and sad and heartbreaking that humans can hurt one another so much. And frankly, this should not be in the public domain IN MY OPINION but here we are. And alas, I am done.


There is another trial going on that was also getting some attention mainly because it deals with the world’s most famous family, the Kardashian/Jenner clan. The only son of Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian, had a child with Blac Chyna, a pop culture personality who was once a stripper. She is from what I understand— I admit I spent ZERO TIME on this one — seeing the family for the cancellation of a show she had in the works with Rob. This is also a $100 million lawsuit so that seems to be the trend these days. But the viral moment from this trial has actually been the courtroom sketches of the Kardashian/Jenners which have become its own meme:

I would say I am guessing this has not been entirely scrubbed from the Interwebs because Kris Jenner looks amazing.

OK. I am trialed out…


OK, so this week there were so many viral moments it just makes sense to round it all up. ENJOY!

  • This woman has taken over TikTok this past week. She filmed herself where she falls back onto her bed post and makes a perfectly pitched yelp and THE INTERNETS HAVE DELIVERED. TikTok creators used the DUET feature brilliantly. Here is the OG:

Someone made a compilation TikTok of some of the best duets. KILLS ME.

Some of my other faves:

So you can see it went FAR and wide and it was fun. I hope she is ok though!

  • Speaking of far and wide…this auto tune rap that was made from an interview with journalist Louis Theroux and I cannot STOP thinking about this. Like at every turn this is on my head. I have listened to it non-stop.

AND ONCE AGAIN, TikTok creators have delivered:

  • THIS was the most powerful speech I have seen in a long time and Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow has entered the world stage:
  • AND we are back in Sea Shanty Tok and that is FINE by me. BUT this creator is blowing everyone’s minds. If you don’t get it after watching it once that’s ok just wait:

OK well here is the reveal. And I cannot stop watching…

  • And another one that plays tricks with you…but this is using the TikTok feature of STITCHING and so funny…
  • Did you hear about Mike Tyson beating up a guy on the plane? Well obviously there is video and apparently, the dude basically deserved it. 🥳 The person who filmed this is his buddy so discount the narrative…it is all captivating though:

MY fave response though was by UFC head Dana White who posted a TikTok showing how you stay alive if you run into Mike on a plane. LOLS.

  • And I am doing my best not to make this a STAN newsletter to Harry Styles but it is getting increasingly difficult. Also, Lizzo. Right before lockdown, I saw Lizzo in concert. And I CRIED. I literally sobbed at Radio City I cried like I was a teen. So this was very important to me:
  • This trend is slightly offputting but people showing terrible texts from partners or exes or hook ups to PIANO MAN…wild.

You get the idea….

  • GUYS. SNICKERS. You have all seen a Snickers right? FOR REFERENCE< there is a giant…um..SNICKERS:

WELL….then this pic went viral. A Snickers bar missing the essential…UM…VEIN if you will:

SO, yes people believed that SNICKERS had removed the vein that people were referring to ad the “DICK VEIN” because well…obviously.

  • AND it is wedding season so make sure your brides are not monsters:
  • And Stephen King woke up and chose violence.

THAT IS IT my darlings.

A bit of a weird one this week but also I am gearing up for a mad birthday weekend so I am VERY ZEN this week. MORE TIKTOKS and LESS WORDS…I will save my words for this week’s PODCAST. Thank you SO much for your support and reading this newsletter and listening to the pod…it all means so much to me as I head into another year!

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A weekly round up of all the news you’re too embarrassed to admit you don’t know. Or too embarrassed to admit you DO.

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