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WELL…hello my darling pop culture junkies. I will admit, I have been sitting here staring at this screen for some time wondering how the fuck I am going to write anything this week. I will ALSO admit, that I tried to find a Baby Yoda dressed in a red cloak and white bonnet but alas, I found nothing. IF someone out there wants to create that for me I would be grateful, but in the meantime, we skip Baby Yoda this week for an obviously better representation of what I would assume MOST of us, are feeling.

First of all, how are we? If you are not an American you are like, “WTF is going on in your country guys??” While I am focusing today on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it is also crucial to point out that the day before, the Supreme Court overturned a century-old gun law in New York. So in all seriousness, GUNS HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN WOMEN.

I know most of you are not great. I mean, I know I am not great.

I am not sure if men really understand how this feels but this is not about abortion — I mean it is, but what it really means is that we, as women, have lost rights to our own bodies. I walked through NYC this morning wearing a t-shirt that simply says “EQUAL” and women joggers or moms with strollers, passing me by whispered, ‘THANK YOU.” One woman, as I was waiting to cross the West Side Highway, was jogging in place and she looked at me and she said, “No, we are not.” I burst into tears as she ran off.

In what would seem unimaginable, someone now telling us what we can and cannot do to our bodies is reality. And yes, some will say that NO in fact it is now a state issue and some states will never change…well, that’s what I grew up believing about Roe…that THAT would never change. With Judge Clarence Thomas’ (or as Samuel L Jackson calls him, Uncle Clarence) statements around gay relationships and marriage and contraception…well, the impossible seems possible.

We never thought this scene would be a reality in America… yet, we are not far from this:

We were SO dramatic when we made these “HANDMAID’S TALE” references over the past few years were we not? I remember sobbing over an episode a few years ago and my friend watching with me said, “Well the good news is this will never happen. This is America, not Gilead.” Yet here we are and as my darling friend Sophia Bush said:

…a few “SUPREME” beings as they believe themselves to be, several of them accused of abusing women in their past and lying under oath to get to where they are in the Supreme Court, are using a document written hundreds of years ago to determine the fate of women. What they are actually doing is putting their “Christian” beliefs onto our nation. And it will not end there. Before we get into it, let’s all remember this from Martin Niemöller (1892–1984), a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany who initially was a supporter of the Third Reich and Hitler until he was not…

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

If you are a woman and the men in your life - whether your husband or boyfriend or buddy or lover or brother or son - have not asked you how YOU are doing…perhaps it’s time to have a LITTLE conversation with them. And if you are a straight dude….ask a woman how they are today. Let them know you support them and care. You will make someone’s day.

OK, with that let’s get into a LITTLE pop culture this week….there will be light moments I assure you. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies at the moment BUT we are all here together…and hopefully to fight for one another. ❤️

Sums it up..


While we all struggle for more eloquent ways to express our anger, those two little words seem to do JUST fine in my book. And to many, as the above image did in fact go viral across our socials. And today, I thought I would just showcase the social reaction and trends that brought people together the past few days.

The QUEEN OF FUCK YOU is singer/songwriter/actor/mother and my friend, the incredible Lily Allen. In case you are not aware of her hit song back in 2009 titled, “Fuck You” here you go…and the song btw is entirely focused on small-minded, hateful, racist, homophobic, misogynistic people. PERFECT.

So yes the song is relevant. BUT, the most amazing thing happened this weekend at the MOST important music festival in my opinion, Glastonbury, in the UK. You had headliners like Paul McCartney (with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl, more on that in a minute..) and Billie Eilish and many others though not Harry Styles who everyone was convinced was going to make a surprise.

But we also had Gen Z darling and superstar Olivia Rodrigo. Who is VERY much the voice of the young generation at the moment. While I love me some Britney Spears and all the pop from the ’90s, these were not people making political statements as they didn’t want to alienate fans. Well, not so with Olivia who got out on stage and BROUGHT it. She also brought Lily Allen (I love you Lily!!!!) and what happened was magical and the crowd went nuts. My friends there said it was an incredible moment:

I have watched this 50 times and maybe one of my top regrets will be not being there live. I love these women…what a perfect moment.

There was also a moment that came alive on TikTok which I partook in and it is a beautiful one. Creators using a sound from the song “Paris” from the Chainsmokers gravitated towards the lyric, “If we go down, we go down together…” and posted videos of them saying they live in states where abortion is legal and if you re need you can come to them. but they knew the algorithm wouldn’t work well if they were literal, so they got creative and here are a few:

And here was mine:

Aiding and abetting abortions. That is the message creators want and have successfully gotten out there. And this was another moving viral TikTok from a very diverse range of TikTok creators:

There are women connected to Trump (sometimes we have to mention him here I am afraid but rarely…) who had very different weekends.

The first is not an actual family member but she is married to the brother of Jared Kushner so it counts. And that is the brilliant and beautiful Karlie Kloss who has been vocal before making it clear she is not in line with the Trump agenda. This was her TikTok from the protest Friday at Washington Square Park in NYC:

And then we have Ivanka Trump who in fact thus far has said nothing. But she went viral this weekend ALL the same and that is because of the wonderous Lauren Santo Domingo otherwise known as LSD. Lauren is a fashion entrepreneur who started the company Moda Operanda, and she is also a socialite and peer of Ivanka. They all grew up together as wealthy NYC girls who run in similar circles. And truly, LSD SHUT THE INTERNET DOWN with one tweet:

WOWZERS. Like WOW. And you know, good on you LSD.

The hypocrisy is INSANE. The fact that men are able to tell women what they can or cannot do is insane. The fact that most of these men have gotten women pregnant or had sons who did or daughters who have and have relied on abortions is MENTAL. And this woman who responded to the Governor of Arizona praising the abortion ban needs to be protected at ALL COSTS:

Progressive political commentator Ana Kasparian went viral this weekend for something she actually said a year ago but it was more relevant today than ever before and it was refreshing then and it is CRUCIAL now to have more of these voices:

And stars came out and not just with words but with action and with money. Lizzo and Live Nation, a company I PROUDLY WORK WITH, have come out strong:

And other companies took stands which is a big deal in my opinion as they will have customers who are on the other side…and by taking a stand they piss those people off BUT to see corporations putting that aside is a great thing.

This is from Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Now I just hope all companies put their money into supporting better candidates on the state and federal levels moving forward. And MAN, I wish more tech company founders and CEOS came out on this…an industry I am very much a part of, for the most part, has stayed pretty quiet.

And I will end here though please go to the sites listed below so you can HELP as we have LOTS to do…but first, this creator sums it all up perfectly and incorporates a few trends at once:


We need to end the stigma attached to getting abortions. I had an abortion at a time in my life there was no way I could have had a baby and it was a risk to my life due to my heart condition. We need to hear these stories:

Also, if you can’t attend a rally or would just like to help in a different way → Text FIGHTBACK to 826–23 to join ACLU alerts for more actions and updates on the crucial work ahead — delivered right to your phone.

And share information everywhere you can:

And many people do NOT know about PLAN C so please find all the info here:


Ok, we need a bit of an upbeat moment so just a few for us this week…

  • A trend I have been meaning to showcase here but keep forgetting perhaps because it is how I live my life — and that is the “COASTAL GRANDMOTHER AESTHETIC” meaning this is how young women are aspiring to dress now. Think Diane Keaton in “Something’s Got To Give” or any lead in a Nancy Meyer’s film.

Here is the creator explaining:

  • In scary but maybe true, this couple took to TikTok to say they have been dating and have only just learned they may be half-sisters. Their story has gone viral.
  • As promised, here is a bit of Paul McCartney from Glastonbury. Dave Groh’s first performance since his drummer, Taylor Hawkins, died unexpectedly. Paul is EIGHTY YEARS OLD.

AND he brings out BRUCE. Incredible.

  • OK, I have not seen this yet but all the kids are talking about it and it looks light and cute and I will watch:
  • And lastly, for all you dads out there…Justin Timberlake getting a lot of teasing for his drunk dad moves….I obviously love him:

THAT IS IT, my darlings…

Have a lovely week my darlings. Be good to yourselves. Call up a lady friend and ask them how they are doing. It will be appreciated.

And if you missed last week’s pod which was before all the madness unfolded, but still an amazing conversation with Obama White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Alyssa Mastrominaco, please check it here:

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