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Happy Monday my darling pop culture junkies. And what a week it has been. Some highs….some big lows….and a few TikToks in between. AS you know, if you have been reading PCM for a while, we are TRUMP-FREE for the most part. But there are SOME moments when we are TRUMP-adjacent or have to reference the dude in SOME way. This is ONE of those times. I made the theme around Palm Beach as the news came out after PCM published last week that the feds had raided the golden toilet, Mar-a-Lago. I feel dirty even typing that word tbh, it literally makes me feel like I need to jump into a vat of disinfectant. Anyway, the moment the news broke (broken by Trump himself) the floodgates opened and the news media and pundits went WILD.


We were all here for it. Obviously, each side has its own take but I think The Daily Show put it best:

But also, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. If you are on social media you may have seen this clip from FOX which apparently shows a fiery convo with Sean Hannity and Lara Trump (like who??) and Governor Ron DeSantis seeming RATIONAL.

You’re like, “OK OK even DeSANTIS is fighting the fight.”

But I HATE to break it to you…it is FAKE. It is different interviews spliced together.

This is FAKE FAKE FAKE. This is why I have trust issues.

But I do have a proof point that things seem to be ever so slightly changing…a proof point closer to home. I tweeted about a conversation my father had with Trump back in 1997 (maybe to was 1996) that was a story told to me at the time by my dad. At a time when Trump was just a douchebag real estate hustler. Not a reality show star. Not a politician. Just a tacky rich dude my dad had to work with here and there as my father was a corporate real estate attorney. ANYWAY, I have shared this story before, over the years, on socials. But for some reason, THIS year…it went viral. And it’s been wild…

But the even wilder thing is, as I braced myself ready for the onslaught of hate and attacks I was going to get from the MAGA-crazies…the opposite happened. I mean sure, there is the occasional crazy tweet, but generally, the support was bananas and people started sharing their OWN personal stories with Trump over the years. Now, I have no idea if this is just a moment and ultimately the crazy wins out. It sure feels like the crazy wins out. Adam Neumann of WeWork, for example, just raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his new idea…WeWork for rental apartments and is once again being lauded a visionary by investors. Salman Rushdie was attacked by a crazed zealot while on stage in Chautaquah which is maybe the most idyllic and peaceful place ever according to all my friends who go there. Video of Anne Heche being rolled out on a gurney and popping up seemingly trying to run away before ultimately succumbing to her wounds, has gone viral on socials. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Insta turned over private messages between and mother and daughter to the authorities in Nebraska leading to their arrest over an illegal abortion and then Meta released an UNHINGED statement….SO like we ARE in the upside down. TRULY a mad time to be alive. I actually MAYBE went on a bit of a tear last week on the pod if you want to check it out:

Wait until you hear THIS week’s pod guest….🥳🥳🥳

But maybe…just maybe…some good stuff will prevail.

OK let’s get to some other stuff now that my rant is over.


Kicking things off with a bang…it seems like grief is more and more of a trend these days so it seemed important to note that today. I have been thinking a lot about grief lately…it is something we ALL will encounter at some stage. And as someone who encountered it when I was in my early 20s when my parents passed away, I feel I am SOMEWHAT of an authority on it. What does that actually mean? Nothing actually. Because I am no better prepared for loss than anyone else…maybe even worse because I live in a constant state of dread. About my dog, about people in my life, about strangers. It’s a weird feeling. But to see how people express their own struggles and use their platforms or art to bring people in, is really powerful. It was James Blunt who just released his song/video about his dying father that really connected this for me. Get your tissues (and watch the whole thing):

“It’s my time to chase the monsters away…”

Yeah…it is painful stuff. But so many of us can relate and I think that’s a beautiful thing.


I know there are many dark sides of social media. But one of the more beautiful, albeit painful parts of social, are shared experiences around grief. Hence GRIEFTOK, a place where people go to share their own journies. Here are a few examples of different creators, experiences and sound…all making very powerful moments:

And the unofficial MOM of TikTok, the creator Ophelia Nichols, shares her own grief journey. Ophelia is known for her amazingly supportive and inspirational TikToks that lifted people up when they were down.

For example:

But our darling Ophelia was faced with her own tragedy recently as her son was murdered. But true to form, she took to TikTok to express herself which I know helped so many people struggling with their own grieving process. This is just one of the many videos on this she has shared…

Grief is a thing no one can wave a magic wand and fix and everyone’s journey is different. But it is a topic that’s becoming more and more talked about and I think that’s a beautiful thing. When I lost my parents in the late ’90s, no one knew how to be with me. As if I was a porcelain doll that would break. I didn’t have shared experiences really with a broader community and I didn’t want to be the girl everyone had to be delicate around and so I pushed it down and became a different version of myself.

How I WISH there was GriefTok at that time or books like the MOST INCREDIBLE “THE MODERN LOSS HANDBOOK” written by the remarkable Rebecca Soffer. I remember many years ago when I first met Rebecca and we sat together on a couch in my office and she shared with me her own personal story of loss and I just for the first time in a long while felt a kinship with someone so powerful it was scary in a way. Not that I hadn’t had other people in my life with loss, but Rebecca has always has had a remarkable way of articulating it. So here is THE MUST READ for anyone experiencing this:


OK, let’s get to some silly fun things to break the heaviness that we just came thru. There were a few things that took over the TikTok this past week…we all know about RushTok and godspeed to the ‘Bama girls who are all competing for views. Not today…we are not going there today. You all know the drill…if NOT, Google RushTok and have fun.

But like RushTok, every once in a while a creator or a song or a dance or a trend just takes over your FYP (FOR YOU PAGE) and the algorithm delivers endless content related to that.

THIS week we have hot, tattooed muscle dude talking about whispering when he looks into the sky.

His name is Able Heart and he is a musician and the TikTok is flooded with his own videos of the same part of the song but just slightly different. Here, we have him in sort of a tank top…

But he seems really genuinely grateful for all the support. And the creators have had fun…

And of course, we ALL remember this song from 2000 if you are a good GENXer like me:

The year 2000. I was living in San Francisco working in the dot com world. I was dating a musician and touring the world with him while using my Blackberry pager-looking thing to stay connected and I had short blonde hair and wore barrettes and glitter. I loved REM, Outkast, U2, Eminem, Snow Patrol, Greenday and Radiohead.


And it’s now a popular trend on the TIKTOK and I am totally here for it.

Let us START with Paris Hilton:

And moving on to the MOST iconic Brooke…

And Joe Jonas…

And of course our beloved TINXY….


  • Woo boy….Tommy Lee was BACK in the news so to speak. After posting apparently “accidentally” a dick pic. Of himself. And his MUCH talked about dick. Look…I am showing the sort of SAFE version here…if you want to see the whole thing, Google it baby. But here we go:

AND the responses have been amazing:

But GOD forbid a woman posts a pic of herself breastfeeding or going topless, Twitter and Instagram will pull that shit down faster than you can say “DOUBLE STANDARD”. 🥳

  • NYC needs to ban horse darn carriages NOW. Again, this is tough to watch so skip ahead of you cannot handle seeing an animal in distress. But I hope all those horsies get to go live out their days in peace and quiet on a farm. THIS is heartbreaking and took social media by storm.
  • SCAMILTON took over my socials this weekend and I am so glad it did. SO apparently some megachurch in…Texas (shocker) has a tendency to turn popular productions into church productions where they change some of the words so it is all about JESUS. And they did this with our beloved Hamilton. Hamilton is a production that is touring everywhere and has the rights to do so as they procured the production rights. Now does every school and so forth have to do this? No. But this church was advertising this and selling tickets and Lin-Manuel Miranda WENT AFTER THEM. But was it because of the fact they were making it about Jesus or because it would have been easier listening to shrieking cats? YOU tell me:



  • What to Watch. OK I have a lot to catch up on so apologies…but these have been what people I love recommend:


“BAD SISTERS” looks amazing and officially drops Friday.


  • And lastly, love when friends doing amazing things are featured. So, let me highlight the amazing things Amanda Clayman is doing with FINANCIAL THERAPY. It’s like…a thing!

THAT IS IT, my darlings…

Have a wonderful week and enjoy these last few days of the summer.

And listen to this week’s PODCAST because it is with the QUEEN OF MEAN. WHO?? If you follow me, you will know who this is.

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