Pop Culture Mondays/8.22.22

The “I AM IN VACAY MODE” Edition

Welcome to my brain….

Happy Monday my darling pop culture junkies. I will admit I am in vacay mode as I am heading out this week for a holiday and as a reminder, there is no PCM or podcast next week or the following week. And last week’s podcast was a BIG one as I had the ONE, the ONLY, Kara Swisher on as my guest - so if you have any time this week to give it a listen…

And NO BABY YODA today because this week we are honoring Freya the 1300LB walrus who was brutally murdered in Norway last week. Yes yes if you Google, some will report it as being EUTHANIZED but alas that gives you an impression of a peaceful exit from this earth due to being ill or injured. But no, Freya the elegant lady was in amazing shape and had become a massive tourist attraction. She was very comfortable and familiar with humans and despite the many requests officials made for people to stay away, they did not because we are the worst. Many people posed for pics or swam with her and she jumped onto boats and piers and they deemed her a danger to the public. SO OK FINE. Bring her to a zoo? A sanctuary? All reasonable ideas no? NOPE, instead, she was massacred with a load of big bullets and it’s a heartbreaker. And the socials went nuts over it. So this week…we honor the beauty Freya may she RIP.

Let’s get into what happened this week and I am running through it as I have THINGS to do like try to pack for 12 days in a carry-on (it’s not going to happen but a girl can dream). As always, grab your headphones and enjoy…

This is Daz Black


A BIG thing happened that’s good news…remember the other week I introduced you all to ANDREW TATE? I also did a pod all around it and this trend of toxic masculinity where men like Andrew Tate get off on abusing women and calling them names and making women out to only be there to serve him sexually and so forth. Yeah well, the company behind Facebook and Insta, Meta (God I will never ever be ok with calling it Meta) finally did something right and booted him off its platforms. The world celebrated and my phone blew up as many people who had read PCM or heard the pod were now invested in this ANDREW TATE story. I dug a little into it as to what caused a company not known for doing the right thing…to DO the right thing. I love my friends who were like, “PCM HELPED WITH THIS!!” and I appreciate that but no, in truth it was the general outcry from all over the place but the spotlight was turned on by none other than this creator known as Daz Black aka Daz Games. I love him plain and simple. Daz is a well-known creator who first became well known on the platform Vine where he did comedy and reaction videos. And he has a very popular YouTube channel as well. And he decided to do a reaction video to Andrew Tate and it was EVERYTHING. First, here is the TikTok teaser and please be aware, that it is tough to watch:

The teaser was for his YouTube show where he puts together audio and video and he watches it and we watch him watch it and watch his facial reactions and then he talks about it. Reaction videos are a huge part of the culture now…there are creators who show themselves listening to certain music for the first time or creators we watch as they play games…and Daz is the king of reaction videos. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he made this. It’s almost an hour so you might not have time to watch the whole thing but if you can watch a little of it so you understand how this works and how much impact he has and why I encourage you to do so:

He explains the whole situation really well. Not only how some of the women in the horrible Andrew Tate videos were actually fine with it and claim it was for performance but also how men and women support Tate and why they do. I just think the world of how Daz speaks to his audience.



I can drop Wizard of Oz lines all day that will make sense in the whole Dr. Oz madness that is happening. SO….pop culture is not always about what’s happening with the KIDS these days. We get our own pop culture moments too and this was really one of my favorite ones. I love when politicians mess up with food-related things. THEY ARE FOOD-FAILS I LIVE FOR. Like the moronic former NYC “mayor”, Bill DeBlasio’s MANY gaffes including this beauty:

Or when Marjorie Taylor Green referred to the GESTAPO as GAZPACHO…

Remember when Miranda ran for Governor? I mean look, it turned out Cuomo was a disaster and a predator so she was not wrong…but she was not a good candidate. YOU DO NOT EAT A CINNAMON RAISIN BAGEL with anything BUT butter tbh and MOST CERTAINLY NOT with the Lox and the shmear and the capers…

And when John Kerry tried to be ONE WITH PEOPLE in Philly and ordered a cheesesteak with…..SWISS CHEESE. QUELLE HORREUR!!! Everyone knows it's Provolone or Cheese Whiz BABY…

And an OLDIE but a goodie…and one I think about every single day because it is my doggo’s name…but Dan Quale and POTATO(E) GATE. I cannot even watch this it is SO cringe and this was from before many of you were born!

Does it end some candidates' political careers? For many, yes….unless you are Trump and you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a tweet celebrating his “LOVE OF HISPANICS” whilst eating a taco bowl..and he STILL gets elected then who the fuck knows? I digress…

So last week we had the guy who makes my skin crawl, Dr. Oz. I am someone who is alive because of heart surgery and my respect for cardio-thoracic surgeons and their teams is higher than for anyone tbh as it is a HELL of a thing. But truly, if I was told I needed to have open heart surgery but the only person they have on hand to do it is Dr. Oz…I would really question everything. Like my options are Dr. Oz or death and I would have to THINK ON IT. Because he would somehow sensationalize it as he is really just a TV doctor now. And one who VERY famously lives in New Jersey (NOT that there is anything wrong with that!) with a view of the NYC skyline. He does not live in Southern NJ (think Cape May) and a part of New Jersey that is VERY close to PA…he is in Northern NJ…a suburb of Manhattan.

But the dude has decided to try politics out since it has worked so well for his pal The Donald. And I guess he believed a senate campaign in PA was an easier win for him…despite not living in PA. (He tries to dispute this). There have been SO many gaffes from phone calls that were being recorded because he or his wife didn't hang up properly to the latest and greatest…


Let’s roll tape in case you missed it…

There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to start. But let’s start with crudités for shits and giggles. Different regions and states have different ways of saying things. Like some people say soda, some say pop. Some say sneakers, others say trainers others say tennis shoes. In Pennsylvania…most don’t refer to a plate of veggies and dip as a crudités but instead, they call it a VEGGIE TRAY.

A classic veggie tray with a dip in the middle

A crudités seems a bit fancier…maybe like this:

Fine whatever. If it were simply this he may have gotten a pass. But it was so much worse. Also, WTF is a SALSA doing on either one frankly?? Green Goddess. Hummus. Whipped Feta. ALL acceptable. SALSA IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

And let’s be clear, he picked the SMALLEST head of broccoli he could have found and GUAC in a CONTAINER? Like what is happening. It was SO contrived…like oh look at me I am at the market like everyday people picking up some veggies for my wife to make a crudités and I am being filmed and I am going to sound cool and show the PEOPLE OF PENNSYLVANIA I am an every man by making sure I drop the fact I like TEQUILA. I mean…everything is wrong if you are trying to be relatable to the PA resident. Because it is staged, not real, not authentic…fake fake fake. And he blames Biden for his $4 broccoli. IT is too much.

But the best part is he says he is at WEGNERS. Like he is like, “Guys I am at the local Wegners you know I am one with people….”

Except there is no grocery store in PA called Wegners. He was actually at a REDNERS which the locals pointed out…and he combined the name Redners with another chain called Wegmans…and the thing is this video was edited and created and pushed on the socials and no one connected the dots because NO ONE on his team is from PA clearly. And why I love the Internet sometimes…the people delivered and a parody Twitter account for WEGNERS popped up:

And it’s funny AF:

Let’s be clear…that’s a REAL Dr. Oz video trying to be COOL.

I HOPE the Fetterman campaign is behind the handle…but either way, John Fetterman and his campaign handled all of it brilliantly and raised a SHIT ton of money after the debacle. I even gave money…to a PA candidate? HELL YEAH. Here are some of my fave reactions:

And taking a funny meme trend going around with this pic:

And another…

I mean EVEN the NYC Sanitation Dept. got into it:

And Fetterman made content:

So…Make Dr. Oz go away like the Wicked Witch of the West and give money to Fetterman who is awesome.


Just a hodge podge this week…so close to vacation I can almost taste it.

  • Kanye’s collab with GAP seems really special. This is how he insisted his YEEZY GAP products be presented at GAP STORES:


  • AI is here and we all need to deal with it. Like the AI image generator DALL-E. For example, I typed in Baby Yoda and a Walrus and in 10 seconds I had this:

And now an AI generator is all the rage on TikTok….and people are using it for all kinds of things:

And there are SO many more…but this is the beginning…JUST the beginning of AI GENERATED CONTENT which I believe we will start to see a LOT of.

  • And the socials went crazy taking down a “celebrity” named Aubrey O’Day who I guess was a singer and on a reality show and known to have had an affair with then-married Donald Trump Jr. She was called out for posting not only fake Instas…Instagrams making it seems she was in exotic places she was not…but also that she used creators' content and super-imposed her pics into them.

So Aubrey responded. It’s non-sensical about her being a REAL CREATOR and her vibing and it’s a lot. But the best part is she added “Artwork” of her being hugged BY JESUS…I can’t…I cannot…


  • My fave GEn Z platform got some love today in Business Insider. Check it out…it’s behind the paywall…worth it to pay!
  • Lots of creators have been talking about this article from a couple weeks about why men are lonely. It’s a LOT.

And here is an example of the reaction:

  • Ok lastly, content content content. I am going to SHOCK you perhaps, but here is the deal….I finally watched Baz Luhrman’s “ELVIS” and I expected to fully hate it based on the cringe-worthy TikToks of its star Austin Butler and of Baz himself. And look, the movie is not perfect and Tom Hanks is a RARE MISS in this. But I am telling you…that Austin Butler is a STAR and he becomes Elvis it is incredible to watch. INCREDIBLE. It was a very moving, human film. If you haven’t yet seen, I encourage you to stream it!

Moving on…NEW FAVE SHOW ALERT. Look, we know I love all things Ireland. Some of my favorite humans are Irish women…I am looking at you Susan, Olivia, Kathy, Jordan…

SO OF COURSE…a show with Irish women I am going to love. But this is really really great. A perfect cast and story and I am HOOKED. Please go check out “BAD SISTERS” on APPLE TV+.

And while I hate EVERYTHING happening at the new parent company behind HBOMAX…like HATE…they are spending a ton of marketing on the new “GAME OF THRONES” prequel, “HOUSE OF THE DRAGON” which let’s be clear was made before any of the new peeps were at the company. But I watched the first epi last night…after HBOMax fixed its issue leaving thousands unable to stream it…and I LOVED it. I love the cast…it’s a bit cheesy…a bit simpler to follow than GoT and I don't think you need to have watched GoT to get into it.

THAT IS IT, my darlings…

Have a wonderful few weeks and I will see you MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th!

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