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The “UNDER HIS EYE” Edition

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Happy Fake Monday aka the Tuesday after Labor Day, my darling pop culture junkies. I mean we all needed this 3 day weekend after the week we had, don’t you think? Are we ready for summer to really be over? I don’t know about you but I found this summer to be a rare one that actually lingered and took its time and I savored every morsel of it. I will admit I think it will take a little time for me to snap out of it and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone by the way. But there is a lot. On top of it being the 20 year anniversary of 9/11, a pandemic with a divided nation where people are losing their shit over having to wear a mask and watching women losing rights to their own bodies in 2021, I am not sure I can snap out of the fog of summer which was a safe escape. BUT ALAS, here we are.

But you don’t come here for doom and gloom. You come for the memes! And the TikToks. I am here to serve you, but also to let you know we are ALL in this together. If you find yourself struggling to get motivated back into work mode…yes same same. If you find yourself despondent about Texas…well yes, same same. If you find yourself thinking back to 20 years ago to 9/11 and thinking how impossible it could be 20 years then YES same. All the same. Even if just ONE of you can relate to this and reads this and says to yourself, “oh wow I am not alone in this” then I am delighted.

So, let’s get to it. Welcome to my new subscribers. I cannot force you to call this a newsletter like I do. Some call it a blog. Some call it an escape. Some call is nonsense. All I can say is please make sure to have headphones as this is as much an AV journey than anything else. And as always…we are TRUMP-free.


From Salon.com


I mean…there aren’t really any words. I know there is a lot of anger. Anger at Kavanaugh. Anger at Susan Collins. Frankly, anger at RBG who, HAD she retired under Obama, would have given the Administration the ability to put a left-leaning judge of a younger age in there but alas…this is where we are. And it is NOT for me to explain all the ins and outs of what this decision was and HOW we got here (because that in and of itself is something) but to show you what the social responses have been. Because they were glorious.

So, unless you have been living under a rock (if so, please take me with you) then you know that one of the many shocking things to come out of this law in Texas is that people will be REWARDED for turning people in. Turning women in who got abortions. Turning Uber drivers in who drive them there. Turning medical workers in for helping women. It is all “UNDER HIS EYE” shit. But thankfully we have TikTokkers who went nuts on this NARC site and let loose on all.

I mean these kids are GENIUSES. It somehow got to be the thing to do to send SHREK PORN to spam this site…SHREK PORN IS A THING but I am not sharing it here but like, do you need me to? Can you imagine Shrek Porn? Well, I assure you that you can — just go to PornHub and search Shrek and thank me later. Or don’t, tbh. BUT alas, these TikTokkers went to town and they shared code to let others know how to break the narc site.

I mean I could stay here all day just rejoicing in the reactions from this community. And our friends at GoDaddy (GODADDY WE LOVE YOU PLEASE SPONSOR MY NEWSLETTER! 👀) did the ABSOLUTE right thing and kicked the NARC website off their servers saying they BROKE their terms of service and all I can say to that is FUCK YEAH THEY DID. So while it seems like everything is bad…there is hope and that hope is with the young who are outraged and voicing their outrage and taking action. Nice to see. Because when I was young and we were pissed off, we would just take a big bong hit and listen to Nirvana as loud as we could.

The Daily podcast from The New York Times did an excellent job breaking it all down tbh:

And then more:

We DID have the Cicadas


When I first saw a video of a flooding subway station I assumed it was a one-off. A beaten and battered subway station that you knew moving forward to avoid. BUT NO. In fact, it was everywhere. The city flooded and had no real warning and this is CLIMATE CHANGE obviously and it seems like NY might just have a new normal of floods making basement and ground floor apartments a thing of the past. I mean these videos are shocking.

It wasn’t just NYC obviously…it was coastal NY like my hometown of Rye which was hit hard. And it was Philly. And people did stupid things too like you survive Covid only to get a Staph infection my man? REALLY?

So it seems experts agree this is our new normal so YAY. For more end of days fun:


Well there were a few trends this week. One that took place more on Twitter and maybe more geared to the olds like me and that was the “DID IT HURT” viral trend that you A. Either contributed to B. Didn’t contribute but saw it all over your feed or C. Have no idea wtf I am talking about and that is WHY you are here. Look, I am LAZY so I could have probably done what REAL writers do and that is research this up and down but…I DID NOT. My guess is and from the little I have read that this trend started with the old school pick up lines that start with, “Did it hurt…?” For example:

“Hey girl. Did it hurt? Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

So this then took a turn and people started taking the second half and making it a funny commentary on something: maybe political, maybe work related, maybe personal, maybe pop cultural. ANWAY, I have cherrypicked a few:

This one hit me hard:

This song will stay in your head now:

And remember last week and the milk crates?

And since EVERYONE seems to binge watch “Survivor” during lockdown you will get this:

And “Sopranos” fans…THIS:

THIS one killed me too as I WAS A theatre major before I realized spending 3 years in Stagecraft was not for me:

ONLY to be followed by an even more relatable to me tweet. The answer is YES:


And you should watch “Lucifer” btw it’s great:

OK OK so you get it. If you didn’t already, you sure do now I think. And we have ONE more trend this week that lives mostly on the TikTok and that’s the “Mama Said…” trend which I love. It comes from this song from 2015 and yes this video has over 100 million views.

So the song has had a resurgence MUCH to the delight of record label execs I am SURE. It’s catchy for sure…but I love the creators for creative genius such as:

AND then LAST trend of the moment was another funny one on TikTok…hard to explain it so just watch and learn:

AND the trend started with this OG TikTok:


LOTS of content this week. I am skipping over so much but hopefully this will all be satisfying. BUT a few more things happened and are GOING to happen that you need to know about:

  • SO this video went viral showing the amazing affects of this eye tightening cream from Peter Thomas Roth. This video has 27+ million views and I ASSURE YOU I ran like hell to Amazon and got me some before it was sold out everywhere as everyone else had the same idea. So, first the TikTok:

AMAZING right? IT is…and there are dermatologists on TikTok saying it does work for a temporary fix. So, mine came and I tore the box open and i followed the directions and while my under eyes felt tight let me TELL YOU I looked like a 16 year old version of myself. AMAZING. BUT then…after a few days, I ended up waking up to a blood red eye. Turns out I had some burst blood vessels in my eye likely due (according to friends and ultimately Urgent Care) to the cream tightening the eye so much. SO….do it at your own risk guys.

  • The soccer world came together to share their shock and disdain for the blatant racism that took place during a FIFA match between Hungary and England. This is one of the most incredible photos tbh.
  • Willow Smith has come out with a VERY catchy tune with funny lyrics that LA people relate to…that is fast becoming a TikTok trend (for next week!)
  • And last but most DEFINITELY not least is that “IMPEACHMENT: AMERICAN CRIME STORY” airs the first epi TONIGHT. The press has been sensational and I am here for this MOMENT OF MONICA because she is a woman who the entire world bullied let’s be honest and now is seeing maybe that was NOT the correct move and how spun up in it the world was. And she is a shining light.

THAT IS IT my darlings. Happy NEW YEAR! Happy END OF SUMMER (sorry). Happy short week. Be kind to yourself.

If you aren’t already a subscriber (PLEASE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!) and please do SHARE this with all your friends…and IF want this in your inbox please send an email to:





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