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The “WE NEED A BREAK” Edition

July 5, 2022

Hello, my darling subscriber.

It’s a Tuesday. It’s another sad day in the US and I cannot lie…being OUT of the US, as I am currently, feels like a much-needed break from it all.

So with that, I give you the “We need a break” Edition. (CLICK HERE)

I hope you enjoy it but please do bring me feedback on this…and the podcast which is really finding its groove! This past week my gorgeous guest was George Hahn and it was a really fun convo so please do check it out HERE.

And with that, have a wonderful week and let’s be vocal about guns (change has to happen) and women’s rights (we sort of need them back thanks)…

I am off next week so I will see you the week of the 18th.





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Brooke Hammerling

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