Pop Culture Mondays/For Subscribers

April 25, 2022

The “MEGA PINT” Edition

Happy Monday my darling subscriber.

Thank you SO much for continuing to be a loyal subscriber…it really means a LOT!

This week’s “MEGA PINT” Edition is HERE and I have a LOT of videos on this one and fewer words…just one of those weeks. There are a lot of viral moments this week so it is a nice escape from the madness of the moment.

As always, feedback welcome. And if you are SO inclined, please share with your networks. Give the gift of TikToks. 🥳❤️😍






A weekly round up of all the news you’re too embarrassed to admit you don’t know. Or too embarrassed to admit you DO.

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Brooke Hammerling

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Pop Culture Mondays/For Subscribers

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Pop Culture Mondays/For Subscribers