Smiletime FAQ

Answering questions you have right now, and questions we think you might have later.

How do I find out about new features on Smiletime?

Check out our Product Update Tracker here! Better yet, follow us for updates!

I just watched someone else do a Smilecast. Can I create my own?

Absolutely! Check out our Getting Started article below. It will walk you through everything step-by-step.

How many people can participate in my Smilecast?

You can have up to 4 people on the stage at any given time (including yourself). On top of that, you can have 3 more in your Creator Palette waiting to be brought on stage.

Why can’t I use a browser other than Chrome to broadcast or watch a Smilecast?

Only a handful of browsers fully support the technology that makes Smiletime possible. Until Safari and other browsers support it, we have decided to focus wholly on Chrome. We are told that Safari will support the tech very soon, and we will update our product accordingly.

Do I have to use Facebook to login to Smiletime?

Yes. Facebook is currently the only method available to login. However, we have received feedback from users that they would like to login via other means, and are taking that feedback into consideration.

Do I have to bring participants into my Smilecast?

Your Smilecast is yours to do with as you please. That being said, viewers tend to enjoy the opportunity to join you on-stage, which strengthens the connection between audience and creator.

I can’t seem to get my video or audio to work correctly. What am I doing wrong?

We have a great article about troubleshooting any video or audio issues you may be having. If you still have issues after perusing it, you can also contact us at

What happens when I choose to “Record” my Smilecast?

As of right now, we are storing your Smilecasts. Once our Video On Demand (VOD) service is released, your viewers will be able to watch (and re-watch!) your previous shows. In the meantime, if you chose to “Stream to Facebook,” people can watch the Facebook Live VOD.

Facebook Live Sharing Permissions

Need help getting your stream to show up in Facebook Live? Check out the article below.

How many people can watch my live Smilecast?

The sky is the limit. We have had Smilecasts as small as 2 people and as many as 500,000. How many people can you get to watch?

Can my Smilecast be private?

Anytime you “Go Live”, it will be public. Anyone with a link to your channel will be able to see you. However, as long as you are “Offline,” any video that is in your player will be private. This means that you can do rehearsals or pre-interviews with your video guests without anyone seeing your video.

As a broadcaster, how can I use Smiletime to make a profit?

We have some really cool features coming soon to let viewers support their favorite broadcasters. We are working around the clock to get these features to you, so stay tuned.

Why do some people’s avatars have colored circles around them? What do those colors mean?

You may have noticed that user avatars have white, yellow or green circles around them. These indicate the status of the user and their camera. White is the standard color that everyone starts off with in a Smilecast. When a creator “invites” a viewer to come on screen, their avatar color changes to yellow. When the viewer “accepts” the invite and has their camera turned on, it will turn to green. These colors are visible to everyone watching, not just the creator.

What does the heart icon do in the top right?

That is the subscribe button. When you subscribe to someone’s channel, you will get a notification anytime that person goes “live,” so you’ll never miss a beat or a chance to hop on stage with your favorite creator.

How many people are watching my channel right now?

This is a common question. As of right now we do not display this. However, this feature will be included in our “community” update. There will be more information on that coming soon.

Is there a Smiletime mobile app?

You bet! You can get our iOS app in the App Store under the name Smiletime or by clicking here. The Android app is on its way, we promise.

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