Meet Your New Creator Palette, Now with Captions

Happy New Year, Smiletime Creators! To ring in 2017, we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you.

Your palette is now organized into three categories — Captions, Media and Guests. This keeps your assets organized and makes it easier to bring text, images and people on stage on the fly while you’re live. Get inspired by trending topics from Twitter, or create your own captions to drag on stage and let your audience know what you’re talking about.

To the left, to the left: all your Twitter topics in a box to the left. (And media to the middle and guests to the right).

Captions appear on stage as a lower third. Use them to share the credentials of a special guest, to set up a segment, or to ask your audience an important question, like:

Quit while you’re behind, Mariah, quit while you’re behind.

And, a Big WebRTC Update

Experiencing video issues? You no longer need to dismiss and republish feeds, just give it a refresh and you’ll be good to go.

Feeling Testy? We’re Looking for iOS Beta Testers

We’re getting ready to launch a brand new iOS app that will give creators the ability to host Smilecasts from absolutely anywhere, right from your mobile device.

We’re looking for creators to offer feedback and help us shape this creator experience.Want to be among the first people to take it for a spin? Drop us a line at

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