Smiletime Audio and Video Troubleshooting

Here are some key things to keep in mind if you’re having any technical difficulties when going live.

Make sure you are using Chrome

Using Smiletime on a computer? The platform is currently optimized for Chrome. You can download it here.

Ensure your internet connection is solid, otherwise you may be choppy, laggy, or inaudible.

You can check your web speed here (this is where you can ensure that your internet is fast enough to smoothly send and receive video feeds).

Use WebRTC’s handy troubleshooter to determine if you’re having any issues with your network connectivity, microphone or camera input.

If your results look like this, everything should work as intended.

If they look like this, you may have some issues, but we are working on a fix for these issues as you speak.

When a creator adds their camera or a participant accepts an invitation to join the creator on camera:

Be sure to hit “Allow” on the camera/mic access prompt:

Smash that Allow button

If someone is having trouble being seen/heard:

Click the camera icon in the URL bar and ensure “Continue allowing…” is selected:

This is also where you can change which camera or mic is being seen by Chrome and Smiletime:

Please REFRESH after making this change to ensure that it registers with the system.

Also, make sure you (and everyone else onscreen) are wearing headphones!

This will help you eliminate any possible echo from the Smilecast.

If that still is not working:

Check your System Preferences, and make sure that your input and output are set to the desired devices.This is particularly crucial if using an external mic or camera.

On Mac:

On PC:

When using Smiletime, be sure to close any other audio applications (such as Skype or Snagit)—they have a tendency to interfere with the audio capture in a Smilecast.

If all else fails, you can also reach out to Smiletime support at, or open a private chat with someone from the team using the Need Help? button within your channel.

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