My Immigration Story

Asking where I’m ‘really’ from is about their baggage, not mine.

Two contrasting purses against contrasting backgrounds.
Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

People often ask me where I’m from. Their tone reveals a focus on my darker complexion as ‘foreign.’ It’s like saying, ‘When are you due?’ to a woman with a larger waist. It’s awkward because we know there’s more to my story (and their curiosity) than meets the eye. My complexion can rattle some people’s assumptions of…




I share and explore my identity as an Indian-American woman through family stories, spices and more, combing the “foreign” with the familiar, in pursuit of inspired delight.

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Punita shares her musings about midlife, her immigrant family, and life at the intersection of disability and diversity. She loves history, words, and culture.

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